Biden orders condemns millions of federal workers and contractors to DIE via covid “vaccines” that still aren’t even approved by the FDA

(Planet Today) Just two days before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City, fake “president” Joe Biden issued a decree ordering all federal contract workers, contractors and employees of large private companies to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) immediately.

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The decrepit dementia patient stumbled through a teleprompter speech that instructed him to threaten all “unvaccinated” Americans to get jabbed right away, or else.

“What more is there to wait for?” Biden whined in that quintessentially confused tone of his. “What more do you need to see? We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost us all.”

According to China Joe, some 80 million Americans are refusing to take one of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections, even though they have repeatedly been told by Tony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky that getting jabbed is necessary to “flatten the curve.”

“Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated, even though the vaccine is safe, effective, and free,” Pedo Joe complained. “You might be confused,” he added, mistakenly projecting his own mental condition onto the nation.

Biden: Governors who refuse to force citizens to get jabbed do not care about the children

Beijing Biden is already receiving considerable backlash from at least half of the country, including many state governors who are resisting his efforts to force China Virus jabs on the populace.

After hearing about the resistance, Hunter’s dad went into a tirade and started mealy-mouthing off about how any governor who refuses his edict does not care about the children.

“I am so disappointed that, particularly some Republican governors, have been so cavalier with the health of these kids,” Pedo Joe moaned in a statement. “We’re playing for real here. This isn’t a game.”

It certainly is not, Mr. Fake President. What you are trying to do is tyranny, plain and simple, and real Americans are having none of it. You have crossed a serious red line and you must be resisted at all costs.

Many state governors seem to be on board with this understanding and have said they are willing to “fight them to the gates of hell” to stop this outlandish encroachment on Americans’ civil liberties and bodily autonomy.

“The American Dream has turned into a nightmare under President [sic] Biden and the radical Democrats,” tweeted South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster. “They have declared war against capitalism, thumbed their noses at the Constitution, and empowered our enemies abroad.”

McMaster’s message was perhaps the most aggressive tweet towards this end, but a handful of others expressed similar sentiments. Real Americans will not be complying with this medical fascism no matter the threats that come from the White House.

Elsewhere on Twitter, a user pointed out that just last year, Biden, Kamala Harris and other far-left Democrats were promising never to get the “Trump vaccine” because it might be dangerous. Now, they are threatening America for not getting it.

Hilariously, fake “vice president” Harris offered up her own whine-fest the other day about how it is wrong of Texas to limit abortions after six weeks gestation because this violates the “right of women to make decisions about their own bodies.”

“She’s right,” tweeted someone in response, half-jokingly – see below. “Women can make decisions about their own bodies. I now identify as a woman and will make a decision to not get vaccinated.”

Americans must resist Biden’s medical fascism or this country is done. To keep up with the latest, visit

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