More mainstream scientists now speaking out against the total fraud of covid vaccine “booster shots”

(Planet Today) For months, the federal health establishment has been pushing Americans to “get vaccinated” for COVID-19 because that is the only way they could guarantee that we as a country could ‘get back to normal.’

This push was coming despite the fact that several studies have shown that the tens of millions of Americans who have gotten the virus, the vast majority of which have recovered well (which these people never talk about), have good immunity from COVID-19 because of the antibodies created.

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The push to get everyone vaccinated also came as a new variant has emerged — Delta — which is now leading the same morons to claim we all will need COVID boosters if we ever hope to survive the viral onslaught.

In the meantime, few other experts who are not career functionaries and federal bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci have remained fairly silent while the country was repeatedly lied to about these vaccines (and now booster jabs) as more “breakthrough” infections began to occur because of the mutation into the Delta (and other) variants (because that’s what viruses do when they face resistance).

But that is changing.

Believe it or not, mainstream media newswire Reuters actually published a report late last week containing quotes from leading epidemiologists who are not at all convinced that adding a COVID booster to the regimen of existing ineffective vaccines is a good idea at all.

Thus far, much of the data is showing that the breakthrough infections are mostly occurring in older Americans, which isn’t surprising given that the demographic was most vulnerable to the original strain.

“We don’t know if that translates into a problem with the vaccine doing what is most important, which is protect against hospitalization, death, and serious disease. On that, the jury is still out,” Dr. Jesse Goodman, an infectious disease expert at Georgetown University in Washington and a former chief scientist at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, told Reuters, which added:

Some experts questioned the focus on booster shots when around 30% of eligible Americans have yet to get even a first vaccine dose, despite new COVID-19 cases and deaths surging across the country. …

Furthermore, scientists warned, we could end up in a situation where we start “chasing our tails”, and continuously offering more and more shots to people, while the virus either adapts, or more harmful variants arise in areas where vaccines are more scarce.

“The more important thing, I think, at this point than boosters is making sure we get the vaccine in any arm that hasn’t had one as fast as we can,” Dr. Dan McQuillen, an infectious disease specialist in Burlington, Mass., and the incoming president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, also told the newswire.

“You could end up in situation where you are chasing your tail, giving more and more boosters in the U.S. and Western Europe, while more dangerous variants are coming from other places,” added Dr. Isaac Weisfuse, epidemiologist and adjunct professor at Cornell University Public Health.

This, despite the fact that researchers (including some within the federal government, believe it or not) are learning that at least one vaccine, from Moderna, is causing heart problems in many younger people, from their early to late teens.

“There might be a 2.5 times higher incidence of myocarditis in those who get the Moderna vaccine compared with Pfizer’s vaccine,” according to Reuters in a separate report.

This info comes late, of course, since some 142 million Moderna vaccines have already been administered.

Americans — along with everyone else in the world — have been lied to early and often about this virus by the powerbrokering elite who own and run everything.

The only way back from the abyss is to kick them all out and start over.

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