Louie Knuxx: 42-year-old New Zealand hip hop artist mocks lockdown protesters, dead 28 days after second Pfizer mRNA injection

(Planet Today) A 42-year-old rapper, MMA/UFC fan, and youth mentor is dead in yet another post-injection heart attack while exercising.

(Article republished from TheCOVIDBlog.com)

Mr. Todd Williams, aka Louie Knuxx, received his second dose of experimental Pfizer mRNA on July 15, according to his Twitter page. He reported sore arms the following morning, but no other adverse effects. He also said he was “ready to party.”


Mr. Knuxx’s vitriolic rhetoric and attitudes towards anti-lockdown protesters in Australia had been ongoing since at least May. He referred to thousands of protesters in Melbourne as “whiney fucking babies.”

He posted a similar tweet on July 23 not only referring to Melbourne protesters as “fucking stupid,” but also threatened violence. He said [he]wants to “punch one of these cunts in the jaw.”

That same day, he attacked the non-vaxxed. Four days later, he continued mocking the non-vaxxed.

About two weeks after the second injection, he attempted [reassuring] himself by saying he’s still had no adverse reactions.

A hint of irony sneaked through one of this final Twitter posts. A woman correctly stated that heart disease kills thousands of people per year, but government does not force anyone to exercise. Mr. Knuxx responded with more mockery.

Mr. Knuxx woke up on August 13 and got on his treadmill, as was apparently a regular routine. But he suffered a heart attack while running on the treadmill, meaning blood flow was blocked (blood clots) to parts of the heart. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Who is Louie Knuxx?

Mr. Knuxx moved from Auckland to Melbourne in 2018. He was the director of the Chin-Up Project that helped at-risk youth in Melbourne. Prior to that, Mr. Knuxx worked as a mentor in a youth facility in his hometown of Taranaki, New Zealand. He lived in that same youth facility himself as a teen when he got in trouble with the law.

His rap career started in New Plymouth, New Zealand with a group called Dirtbag District. His debut album Wasted Youth was released in 2006. His second album, Progressive Gangsta Thug/Gentleman Romance Rap (PGT/GRR) was released in 2014. Mr. Knuxx’s final album, Tiny Warm Hearts, was released in 2016. He was also part of a collective called Young, Gifted and Broke.

Several New Zealand and Australian rappers paid tribute to him after he died. An online fundraiser to cover his funeral costs has garnered over $50,000 as of publishing.

Another death after mockery

From all accounts, Louie Knuxx was a decent human being. Unfortunately he is now part of a dubious group of individuals on this blog who died after needlessly mocking those who do not agree with him.

Mr. Jordan Hayes called the non-vaxxed “idiots” and “morons” before succumbing to a heart attack 14 weeks after his second injection. Mr. Ronald Babb made a similar “turning into robots” comment that Mr. Knuxx implied. Babb died seven days after the Johnson & Johnson injection. Jason Maurer, Dr. Thomas Flanigan, Dr. Witold Rogiewicz…again, it’s all so unnecessary.

But Mr. Knuxx is also part of another group. There is a very disturbing trend of people dying while exercising after they’ve received one of the experimental injections. That sadly includes many teenagers who died while playing sports. The U.K. government even advises against exercising for at least 48 hours after the injections.

There will be more of these stories in 2021 and beyond. And we’ll keep covering as many as we can. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.

Read more at: TheCOVIDBlog.com and VaccineDeaths.com.

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