Former president of Planned Parenthood shifts from killing babies to mass murdering everyone; calls for government-forced injections of experimental spike protein shots that are killing people right now (opinion)

(Planet Today) (Op-ed) Leana Wen, a baby murderer who used to receive a paycheck from Planned Parenthood as one of its top executives, is back in the news for calling on the government to issue new mandates for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

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While Wen was formerly devoted to terminating unborn life, she now apparently wants to see humans of all ages be exterminated for their own “safety” through Chinese Virus injections, telling CNN that she believes the alleged threat of the so-called “delta variant” warrants further plandemic tyranny.

“It’s going to be much harder, frankly, with the ‘delta variant,’ and that’s because the delta variant is so much more contagious,” Wen told some talking-head hack at CNN. “If you have a more contagious virus, you’re also going to need a higher threshold of people who are vaccinated, or who have immunity in some way, in order to reach herd immunity.”

When asked if she thinks it is already “too late” to “flatten the curve” and achieve “herd immunity,” Wen responded that the only way for it not to be too late is if the government starts to forcibly inject the American public with Trump Vaccines from “Operation Warp Speed.”

“I don’t think it’s too late. I do think that it’s time, though, for vaccine mandates,” Wen said. “We’ve seen that the other methods that we’re using, including with incentives, with education and outreach – yes, they are convincing some people.”

“But there is a huge middle group, if you will, that’s not yet moved. But we know based on polling that if there are requirements that these individuals will get vaccinated, and I think it’s time for us to do that in the interest of the public’s health.”

Leana Wen wants the government to forcibly inject you with DNA-modifying chemicals

Wen previously told CNN‘s Chris “Fredo” Cuomo during a segment that she believes the time for freedom of choice, ironically, is over. She still supports the “right” of women to murder their unborn children, of course – she just does not want grown adults to have the freedom to trust their own immune systems rather than “science.”

While vaccine “lotteries” and other gimmicks worked on some Americans, the remaining holdouts are not as easily swayed to sell their souls for a proverbial bowl of soup. So, in order to deal with them, Wen wants force and violence since that is all she knows from her baby murdering days at Planned Parenthood.

“I think the CDC and Biden [regime] needs [sic] to come out a lot bolder and say, ‘if you are vaccinated, you can do all these things,'” Wen told Fredo. “Here are all these freedoms you have.”

“Because otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway, and I fear a situation of coming into the fall where we never reach herd immunity, and then we get hit by the next surge of Covid-19 in the fall. Something we could have prevented if we just got people vaccinated now.”

Wen is a dangerous medical terrorist, in other words, whose communist Chinese leanings threaten to upend the freedoms and liberties that generations of Americans have held dear. She wants crimes against humanity to be committed in the name of vaccine compliance, and CNN is complicit by giving her airtime to propose such tyranny.

“Chicom-born, genocidal suspect Leana Sheryle Wen, born alias ‘Wen Linyan,’ is a former CT Matriarch Health Commissioner for the Communist City of Baltimore, Md. and the former profiteering CEO of Planned Parenthood,” pointed out one commenter at Citizen Free Press about Wen’s alleged background.

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