FDA “approval” of Pfizer vaccine means emergency use authorization for all other vaccines is now REVOKED… so all doctors and hospitals still administering Moderna or J&J shots are CRIMINALS

(Planet Today) By “approving” Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” (there is some confusion surrounding that approval), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has forever destroyed any remaining semblance of credibility.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

A dangerous and ineffective jab like the Pfizer mRNA injection has not even completed the clinical trial process. It is also causing countless injuries and deaths, with more mounting daily, and yet the FDA has declared that the experimental gene therapy is perfectly suited to “flatten the curve” and eventually end the plandemic.

Not only that, but the FDA has broken the law with its decision, thus nullifying its perceived authority and eliminating “any reason for anyone to ever do anything based on them ever again,” to quote Karl Denninger from The Market Ticker.

“Under black letter law an EUA (emergency use authorization) is illegal if there is an alternative that is considered safe, effective and available,” Denninger adds.

“This was the reason the FDA did not (for 18 months!) run the studies and evaluate them on other early-intervention drugs for Covid-19. We all know what they are. I’m living proof they work too, as are millions of others worldwide.”

The early-intervention drugs of which Denninger speaks include hydroxychloroquine, an ionophore drug that helps to deliver more covid-fighting nutrients like zinc into the cells.

The FDA violated the law and nullified its authority a long time ago when it issued EUA to all of the currently available injections for the Chinese Virus since the agency ignored and rejected hydroxychloroquine as well as ivermectin, another early treatment for the Wuhan Flu.

The entire American medical system is committing fraud by administering Moderna, J&J injections

As for the FDA’s recent “full approval” of the Pfizer injection, this decision instantly made it illegal for anyone to continue injecting people with Moderna’s mRNA shots as well as those offered by Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and AstraZeneca.

What the mainstream media is failing to tell their followers is that it is now illegal for any doctor or medical professional to inject people with these other shots because the FDA’s “full approval” for Pfizer has effectively voided the EUA for these other drugs.

“The makers can apply for full authorization, of course, but the EUAs are void as of this morning and under black letter law cannot be administered to anyone in the United States as they are now unlicensed and unlawful products in human beings until and unless they are given full approval themselves,” Denninger explains.

“No medical provider can offer or administer any other than the Pfizer Covid-19 shot in the United States as of the moment of that approval.”

As to be expected, the law will continue to be ignored by the “professionals.” This was seen in the soaring stock prices of both of the companies that produce mRNA injections, which should have “instantly been cut in half,” Denninger says.

The FDA’s issuance of an approval at all also broke the law, which requires a full hearing to evaluate all of the data from the full set of clinical trials. Since said clinical trials are still ongoing, the FDA cannot lawfully approve any of the injections they are calling “vaccines” until at least 2022.

“This is a black letter violation of the law as well, but nobody cares,” Denninger laments.

Any business or government “mandating” any of these shots is, of course, also breaking the law. Keep this in mind if you happen to work for any of them and be sure to challenge their illegal attempts at medically raping you.

The latest news about the criminality of the FDA and the American medical system can be found at Corruption.news.

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