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(Planet Today) In his debut episode on Brighteon.TV, Dr. Bryan Ardis made good on his word to “expose the truth behind what you’re being told, and what you’re being misinformed about.”

Aside from being a chiropractor, nutritionist and acupuncturist, Ardis is also the host of the Dr. Ardis Show, and he’s prepared to bring the truth to his audiences when it comes to health.

A story that hits close to home

In this episode, he talked about how the U.S. system has failed Americans, including his father-in-law.

(Article by Ralph Flores republished from NaturalNews.com)

Last February, Ardis’s father-in-law was taken to hospital with a fever and a headache; however, he was told that he had the flu and had to be admitted. Within days, his health deteriorated: He developed pneumonia and then had kidney failure. Five days after he was admitted, Ardis was alerted that his father-in-law was barely conscious. He visited that night and found that the hospital was treating his father-in-law’s flu infection with vancomycin, an antibiotic known to cause kidney problems.

“Antibiotics only treat bacteria,” he added. “My father-in-law was only diagnosed supposedly with a flu virus.”

In addition, the tests came back and showed that his father-in-law was negative for bacterial, viral or fungal infections. However, doctors continued to treat him with three antibiotics, according to “hospital protocol.” Even his x-rays showed no signs of pneumonia. What the x-rays did show, was that the vancomycin had already caused his lungs to fill up with water, a condition known as pulmonary edema.

“That’s called pulmonary edema, and that’s coming as a result of you shutting down his kidneys with vancomycin,” Ardis said to his father-in-law’s doctors.

“None of this was related to the flu, or pneumonia was caused by acute renal or kidney poisoning due to vancomycin poisoning,” he added.

Ardis then asked his father-in-law’s doctors whether they had given Lasix (furosemide) to his father-in-law to address the edema.

“He’s shocked to see that on the first day, there was no Lasix given to him; day two, there’s no Lasix given to him. Day three, they give him a very minor amount of Lasix; day four, zero Lasix; day five – he still can’t believe it.”

After a four-hour treatment with furosemide, his respiratory therapists found no fluid in the lungs — and even turned off the forced air. The doctors also took his father-in-law off vancomycin, which helped reduce his kidney failure.

However, after Ardis had gone home, he got a phone call from the hospital at 9:00 p.m., saying that his father-in-law’s attending physicians stopped treating his father-in-law with furosemide. He was kicked out of the hospital the next day after he questioned their protocol, saying that the hospital would only deal with direct descendants.

“The only reason why you would do that is to cover up your crimes of murdering someone by drowning them to death, and we were able to prove to them that they were actually purposely doing that with an ill-advised hospital protocol,” said Ardis.

After consulting with the family — and saying that there’s nothing to be done — the doctors injected morphine into his father-in-law to “relieve the pain.”

Only that was not what they were doing.

“Over the next two to four hours they are paralyzing the diaphragm — which is what morphine does — and they are stopping the heart from beating with morphine,” said Ardis.

“They are literally murdering your loved one in front of you.”

That’s exactly what they did to Ardis’s father-in-law, as he succumbed to the disease brought on by ill-advised protocols.

Really dangerous medicine

Ardis says what’s happening to the U.S. today feels eerily familiar with what happened to his father-in-law. The symptoms, in fact, are very similar: After treating it, the coronavirus causes acute kidney failure in some patients. This was evident in cities like New York.

At the height of the pandemic in New York, doctors were scrambling to get their hands on dialysis supplies, with some even going to social media to ask for supplies.

“Now, in my mind, I couldn’t help but actually look at the coincidence of the three- to five-day span of acute kidney failure,” he added.

At first, he thought that hospitals were treating patients with vancomycin — the drug that was used on his father. But he was surprised to find on the National Institutes of Health website that Dr. Anthony Fauci mandated all hospitals to use remdesivir for treating COVID-19.

“Anthony Fauci stated, ‘We’re going to actually use this.’ This drug, called remdesivir, that I’d never heard about,” said Ardis.

It turns out, remdesivir was more dangerous than everyone thought. (Read: Did Fauci knowingly fast-track approval of drug with deadly COVID-like side effects?)

Learn more about the dangers of remdesivir and how the U.S. health system is covering it up by watching the full episode here.

The Dr. Ardis Show airs every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. only at Brighteon.TV.

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