Democrat double-jabbed for covid dies in the hospital from extreme illness

(Planet Today) Former Kentucky state Rep. Brent Yonts has passed away after getting “vaccinated” with two injections of an mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine.”

According to reports, Yonts was admitted to the hospital with a severe case of “covid” not long after receiving the shots in accordance with government guidelines. The 72-year-old Democratic representative from Greenville, an attorney, had no preexisting conditions, his daughter told The Courier Journal.

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The media outlet is claiming that Yonts mysteriously contracted “coronavirus” despite being vaccinated, but as we now know, Yonts more than likely developed a vaccine-induced “variant” that caused him to become severely ill, ultimately leading to his death.

This goes directly against what Tony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky and other plandemic purveyors have been claiming about the jabs supposedly minimizing symptoms and eliminating hospitalizations. Such a claim is clearly a lie.

Reports indicate that Yonts was initially treated for his vaccine-induced illness at a local hospital in Greenville before he was eventually moved to the regional hospital in Owensboro. There, Yonts was placed in intensive care where he was put on a ventilator, and not long after that passed away.

Yonts’ wife Janice, who serves as the mayor of Greenville, is also “fully vaccinated” and was around her husband at the time when he first started experiencing mild symptoms. Janice has been tested multiple times for the Chinese Virus and turned up “negative.”

“It’s a difficult situation to understand why someone like my dad who was fully vaccinated ended up dying from the virus,” Janice told the media, adding that she and her family still want “everyone to understand that the vaccine does work.”

Covid vaccines clearly killed Yonts, but the media continues to blame “covid”

At no point in the local media’s coverage of Yonts’ death was the vaccine as a potential culprit even suggested. Instead, the blame was placed squarely on “covid,” as if it is perfectly normal for a “fully vaccinated” person to “catch” it and subsequently die.

We have been told for months that getting vaccinated prevents “serious” illness, including hospitalization and death. So how, exactly, did Yonts still catch the virus and not long after die from it, seeing as how he got all of his vaccine shots in obedience to Fauci?

The only honest answer to this question is that the vaccines do not work. There is no two ways about it. What is worse, it appears that the vaccines killed Yonts, who may not have died had he not taken the injections at all.

Yonts’ children and grandchildren are now one family member less, thanks to “Operation Warp Speed,” and yet his wife is still pushing the jabs as “effective” even after her husband’s passing. What is wrong with these people that they continue to tout the jab as a “cure” when it clearly is not?

Politicians especially would seem to be under some kind of gag order where they are prohibited from speaking “negatively” about the injections, even when their loved ones die on the world stage. It is a bizarre phenomenon that we continue to see with high-profile covid vaccine deaths such as this.

“Vaccine is derived from the Latin word ‘vacca’ for cow,” wrote one Natural News commenter, offering an interesting perspective about people who put their faith in these mystery injections. “Therefore, when someone worships or otherwise trusts in a vaccine, they are in effect worshipping a cow.”

“When Moses went up the mountain to receive the 10 commandments and then returned, the people were worshipping a golden calf (cow). Don’t worship a cow. Worship the God of the Bible. Trust in the great physician, Jesus!”

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