Biden Supporter Claims It’s OK To Identify as a Pizza (Yes, Really)

People should be free to use “neo-pronouns” to identify as a pizza, or a kitten, or anything they desire, declared a “woke” Biden supporter in a disturbing TikTok video.

Yes, really.

In the bizarre video, a Democrat supporting “cis-gender” girl says she supports “neo-pronouns,” and that anyone can be a pizza, because of equality.

“As an ally I want to say this: I am totally down with neo-pronouns such as pizza, pizza-self, kitten, kitten-self…simply because, if you ask me to call you by ‘Pizza…Pizza-kitten-self,’ you know? Whatever…then I’m going to try my best to respect that because what else do I call you?” reports: This type of strained logic, idiotically celebrated as “pushing the real-world boundaries,” is actually the product of “woke” progressive liberal indoctrination imposed at a very young age, which distorts the minds of young Americans by teaching them boys can be girls, girls can be boys and people can be pizza.

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