Biden may have brought terror cells to the U.S. as Americans were left behind in Afghanistan

(Planet Today) The war in Afghanistan may officially be over, but the costs and scars from it will haunt America for a generation or more.

The country’s longest conflict ended exactly the way it began: The Taliban are in charge, and though thousands of their fighters were killed over the course of decades, in the end that made no difference.

The way in which Joe Biden left the country was even a disgrace. After taking office nearly eight months ago, the operations to evacuate were chaotic, deadly, and resulted in the loss of tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military gear, much of which will no doubt be used to suppress and murder any Afghans left behind by our government who helped us for years and trusted us to get them out.

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Ditto for the American citizens still reportedly left behind in an act of treasonous disgrace.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it; the Biden regime may also have imported several terrorist cells from Afghanistan because the administration focused far too much on getting far too many Afghan citizens out before those Americans who were ultimately stranded, and a majority of them were never properly vetted.

In a recent program discussing the evacuation debacle, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped the regime for focusing too little on Americans and even less on vetting Afghanis.

“Who… are all of these Afghans? They just whisk on through. That means as always unnamed foreign nationals got far better treatment than you would get if you landed in Dulles Airport,” Carlson said, referencing photos of Afghan citizens walking, maskless, through the D.C. airport.

During his program, Carlson went on to note that a flight attendant on a commercial flight that was supposed to be carrying Americans but instead was filled with Afghanis when several of the people our country just rescued got rowdy and refused to mask up according to FAA rules, like all Americans must do.

The Daily Mail added:

United Airlines did not immediately respond to’s request to confirm the pilot’s claim.

According to Carlson, another commercial airline employee told him she was happy to learn that her flight crew would be ferrying American civilians trying to escape Kabul.

Instead, the crew only picked up Afghan nationals who were rowdy and had no facemasks, Carlson said.

Carlson also criticized the number of people the U.S. had evacuated from Afghanistan, saying the nation’s number one priority should be American citizens.

“Since July, the United States has evacuated more than 100,000 people from Afghanistan. All heroes? All Americans? No,” he said. “As of tonight, about 5,000 total are American citizens. Five per cent. So you’re thinking the other five per cent must be heroes? All translators? 95,000 translators? No.

“[The] military might be heroes. Maybe translators. [The rest], they’re not heroes. We don’t know who they are,” the host went on.

Fox News colleague Sean Hannity echoed a similar theme during his show, which followed Carlson.

“How does Biden plan to vet what is now tens of thousands of Afghan refugees? As we speak, there’s too many refugees flying in to Washington D.C. Apparently they’re doing the vetting after people are in the air flying to this country,” he said.

While the Biden regime fumbled its attempt to get Americans out first, several groups of U.S. military veterans traveled to Afghanistan on their own to search for citizens and Afghan interpreters and others who helped American forces in their effort against the Taliban. Subsequent reports noted that these groups, collectively known as the Pineapple Express, were successful in removing some of the people who deserved to leave the war-torn country.

But the fact is, some who were known terrorists have already begun to show up in some Western countries. It’s only a matter of time before we discover them in America as well.

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