Why isn’t anyone talking about Greenland? It is currently building up a record amount of snow and ice

Amid a significant increase in surface mass balance (SMB) since 2016 (which coincides with a sharp decline in the Earth’s average temperature), the Greenland ice sheet is intensifying this growth trend in 2021. But the world’s media “overlooks” what is happening, scaring the public with stories that “Antarctica is melting.

Despite tales of “Global Warming,” vast regions of Greenland are now gaining record amounts of snow and ice.

On May 26, more than 12 gigatons were recorded in a single day, allowing the official SMB chart from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) to reach unprecedented levels.

The May 26 reading literally knocked that blue line off the chart:

Further record highs were recorded during June.

The most notable was on June 24, when a gain of 4 gigatons was recorded.

This was an astonishing accumulation for this time of year – never before in June had the Greenland Ice Sheet increased by 4 gigatons in a single day (according to 1981 DMI data).

According to climate alarmists, the Greenland Ice Sheet should have melted into oblivion by now – and here we are, celebrating the record July increases, which in turn raises this year’s balance above the 1981-2010 average:

The Earth’s climate is cyclical; it is not linear.

The global warming we observe can be linked to high solar activity, and the cooling period that preceded it (from about 1960 to 1980) to low solar activity.

Believing that the natural order of things is somehow off course because of human carbon dioxide emissions is just silly – this theory is not supported, for example, by graphs of the raw temperature data (those obtained before government agencies made their “adjustments”)

NASA and NOAA “correct” temperature data: raw measurements show that the U.S. has been cooling since the 1930s

We’ve had over 40 years of “catastrophic global warming,” but even the most staunch climate scientists still can’t cite a single real observation that proves it exists.

Deadly heat waves have happened EVERYWHERE, as have hurricanes, as have extreme polar outbreaks – now to circumvent logic and ignore the historical record to blame all these weather events on human CO2 emissions is ridiculous.

Deaths from climate events and natural disasters are at record lows, yet the gullible masses eagerly listen to the EOTW rhetoric spouted by the IPCC and their MSM acolytes.

This cataclysmic message is enticing, it gives meaning to people’s already benign existence. It seems to fill the gap once occupied by religion, for nothing exerts such powerful control over the population as the threat of “the end of days” when all Christian believers will rise “in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

Climate change is the new religion.

It pushes the same buttons as Christianity, for example–threatens the end of days if you do not obey, requires great sacrifice and major lifestyle changes; it keeps you from fully enjoying life and acts as an intrusive force in your mind, constantly enforcing your deepest fear: mortality.

This incessant anxiety acts as a blocker of open thought, free speech and debate.

It blocks reasoned debate, which means that the masses never learn the other side of the dogma.

The data simply does not support notions of a “climate crisis,” they no longer support even a faint attack of global warming. Our planet has been cooling since 2016, with a temperature drop of about 0.7C in those 5 years.

In addition, NASA/NOAA AMSU 15x satellites, which measure every square centimeter of the lower troposphere (where we humans live), show that we have again fallen below the 30-year average; that is, the Earth’s temperature is colder now, in June 2021, than it was in 1983:

Despite lies and exaggerations by the MSM, the Earth’s average temperature in June fell below the 30-year baseline

That’s right, despite incessant media ravings about heat waves in the Pacific Northwest, the Earth’s average June temperature did fall below the 30-year baseline.

And that’s the bottom line.

Real data no longer supports AGW theory – it was shaky at best – and so the language used by MSM, power-hungry politicians, and world pop pundits is becoming increasingly hyperbolic.

This is done to deflect attention from the fact that the hypothesis has failed.

If the “Climate Emergency” were real, it would not take such a biased marketing campaign to convince everyone of its existence.

“The Sun determines the climate, not carbon dioxide,” says distinguished Russian cosmonaut Habibullo Abdusamatov (Ph.D., head of the Space Research Laboratory at the Pulkovo Observatory).

Observations of the Sun show that carbon dioxide is “not to blame” for the steady temperature rise observed over the past few decades, and that in the coming years we are not waiting for a catastrophic warming, but a global and very long-lasting temperature decrease.

The slight warming we have just experienced is of natural origin, the contribution of CO2 is negligible – carbon dioxide is not the explanation, the sun is.

The so-called ‘greenhouse effect’ will not prevent the onset of the next deep temperature drop, the 19th in the last 7500 years, which necessarily follows natural warming.”

“We should fear a deep temperature drop, not catastrophic global warming,” warns Abdusamatov, who was one of the researchers featured in a 2009 U.S. Senate report of more than 700 dissenting scientists on anthropogenic global warming.

“Humanity must endure the serious economic, social, demographic, and political consequences of a global temperature decline that will directly affect the national interests of nearly all countries and more than 80 percent of the world’s population.”

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