Severe flooding in Zabaikalye, Russia

Heavy and prolonged rains over the past three days caused overflow of rivers.

Roads, vegetable gardens, homesteads and houses were under water. In seven settlements 35 houses and 44 homestead lands were flooded, 7 wooden bridges were destroyed, 4 road segments were partially flooded, transportation was disrupted.

Emergency rule was introduced in Gazimuro-Zavodsky, Mogochinsky, Nerchinsky, Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky, Sretensky, Chernyshevsky and Shelopuginsky districts. In Nerchinsky district six villages were cut off from the district center due to a bridge destroyed by flooding. In the town of Balei another bridge across the Unda River was closed due to damage. Residents of some settlements were evacuated from flooded houses.

Water levels on the rivers of Transbaikalia will continue to rise, and over the next two days the depth of flood plains will increase.

So, only on June 19, according to the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations, the water level ranged from 2 to 76 cm. And the most intensive rise of water level – 131-322 cm – was noted on the rivers Chara, Mogocha, Argun, Shilka and Amur.

In some places the floodplain was flooded to a depth of up to 249 cm!

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