WORSHIP is now a CRIME: Canadian SWAT team takes down Christian pastor for “inciting” worship in defiance of coronavirus orders

(Planet Today) Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Kings Glory Fellowship (KGF) in Calgary was arrested over the weekend for “inciting” churchgoers to attend in-person worship services in violation of Canada’s stay-at-home orders.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

Footage shows a suited Pawlowski kneeling down in the middle of what appears to be a busy highway as masked police officers in SWAT gear handcuff him and carry him away to jail.

Pawlowski famously appeared several weeks back in circulating video clips telling “gestapo” to leave his church building after they tried to shut down a worship service -mid-stream.

Believing that God would protect him for his faithfulness, Pawlowski continued to hold church services in defiance of the stay-at-home order, which prompted police officers to return and terrorize him.

As Pawlowski was headed home from church on Sunday, police appeared to arrested him, dragging him along the roadway in a dramatic scene that has since gone viral.

“A heavily-armed SWAT team just took down a Christian pastor heading home from church,” tweeted Ezra Levant from Rebel News. “Police say he’s charged with ‘inciting’ people to go to church. This is the second pastor jailed this year.”

Levant and Rebel News have set up a crowdfunding platform to raise money for Pawlowski’s legal defense. You can learn more about how to support the effort at SaveArtur.com.

Canadian police brag about persecuting Pawlowski

Following the arrest, the Calgary Police Department took to Twitter to brag about its persecution of Pawlowski, who as far as we know is still sitting in jail.

“Earlier today, police arrested two organizers of a church service who were in violation of a new court order obtained by Alberta Health Services in relation to mandatory compliance of public health orders for gatherings,” the department wrote.

This sick display of anti-Christian persecution by Canadian police is foreboding for Americans, who are also well on their way to facing this type of treatment in the coming months.

We already saw this last summer when Chicago Democrats threatened to bulldoze a church for holding services in defiance of the city’s stay-at-home orders.

“Police are boasting about jailing a Christian pastor for ‘organizing an illegal in-person gathering, including requesting, inciting or inviting others to attend an illegal public gathering, promoting and attending an illegal public gathering,” Levant responded in a tweet.

Both Pawlowski and his brother, who also works at the church, were both taken into custody following the confrontation.

What Canadians and many Americans are witnessing is medical fascism on full display. Obey the medical police state or pay seems to be the government’s mantra with regard to fighting the Chinese Virus, and most North Americans seem to be okay with it.

The police abuse seen in the video of Pawlowski’s arrest is causing some conservatives to question their undying loyalty to and adoration of the police, who are clearly defying the oath they took to serve and protect the people, not medical fascists like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.

“We’ve seen over and over throughout the pandemic, including in the United States, where police bend the knee to tyrannical regulations from political figures that they have no business enforcing,” reported Red State.

“You can not [sic] trust these people, no matter how valiant they may be most of the time in their duties, to ensure your liberties. That’s another reason the Second Amendment is so absolutely crucial to maintain.”

Be sure to check out SaveArtur.com to learn more about how you can help support Pawlowski in his fight against medical fascism.

More related news stories about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny and persecution can be found at Pandemic.news.

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