Woka-Cola pauses its racist, bigoted, anti-White indoctrination plans after intense backlash from the public

(Planet Today) Following an intense wave of backlash, the Coca-Cola Company has suspended an aggressive “diversity” plan that called for anti-white racial quotas and other racist initiatives.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

The change was made almost immediately after Coke’s former general counsel Bradley Gayton abruptly resigned last month after less than a year on the job. Gayton was accused of violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by threatening outside law firms if they failed to hire more blacks and browns.

Gayton and other “social justice warriors” (SJWs) should know by now that discriminating against people on the basis of skin color is illegal. Coke apparently thought that it was “woke,” which is why the company is now hanging by a thread.

“When there is a leadership change, it takes time for the new leader to review the current status of the team, organization and initiatives,” commented Coke spokesman Scott Leith, pretending as though everything is normal.

“Monica is fully committed to the notions of equity and diversity in the legal profession, and we fully expect she will take the time necessary to thoughtfully review any plans going forward,” he added, referring to Monica Howard Douglas, Gayton’s replacement.

Gayton will now make $12 million per year consulting Coke CEO James Quincey

Gayton first made headlines back in January when he announced that diversity quotas would be imposed on all outside law firms that work with Coke. He threatened to slash their fees or cut ties with them altogether if they did not obey.

“Under the plan, any law firm seeking to do business with the company was required to commit that at least 30 percent of billed time would be from ‘diverse attorneys,’ and at least half of that time would be from Black [sic] attorneys,” reported Fox Business about the fiasco.

“The hard truth is that our profession is not treating the issue of diversity and inclusion as a business imperative,” Gayton himself wrote. “We have a crisis on our hands and we need to commit ourselves to specific actions that will accelerate the diversity of the legal profession.”

Gayton then resigned suddenly, calling into question what would become of his racist plan. Around the same time, the legal defense foundation Project on Fair Representation published an open letter to Coke warning that “racial quota requirements” are “unlawful.”

In meeting with Coke’s global legal team, Douglas indicated that her new employer would be “taking a pause for now” with the racial quota requirements, though some parts of the diversity plan would likely be “salvaged.”

Gayton previously worked at Ford for 30 years as its top lawyer. He has since signed a new contract to be a “consultant” for Coke CEO James Quincey. In this role, Gayton will make $12 million per year, plus a $4 million sign-on fee and a monthly consulting fee of $666,666, according to an April 21 securities filing.

In February, Coca-Cola encouraged its employees to try to be “less white.” A “Confronting Racism” course was also imposed, offered by the LinkedIn “Education” team.

“In the U.S. and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white,” one of the slides from Coke’s “diversity” course explained.

Another called on white employees at Coke to “be less oppressive” and to “listen” to people with dark skin and “believe” everything they say. At the same time, white Coke employees were encouraged to “break with white solidarity,” meaning they were told to betray their white colleagues, family members, and friends in favor of blacks and browns.

More related news about Coca-Cola and other “woke” companies can be found at Collapse.news.

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