Vaccinated people are comparing adverse reactions in a Reddit subgroup

(Planet Today) A subreddit group is ground zero for vaccinated people who want to compare and ask about adverse reactions after receiving the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

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Users at r/CovidVaccinated describe their symptoms after vaccination and ask for advice from other vaccinated users on whether their conditions are normal, or whether they should seek medical help.

The group is a repository of wild anecdotal post-vaccine adverse reactions, but despite the innumerable horror stories vaccines are still being promoted in the group as safe and effective.

In one recent story, a vaccinated user complains of having “pulsatile tinnitus,” or a consistent throbbing or whooshing sound in the ears, after receiving the first dose of the Moderna vaccine, and asks whether they should chance getting the second dose and worsening their symptoms.

To start this off I want to say I’m very much pro vaccine and am blessed to have gotten it just searching for similar experiences for advice. I am a very healthy person no underlying issues (24F) and 6 weeks ago I got my first shot of moderna and not even a week after I developed pulsatile tinnitus. I have never experienced any sort of tinnitus before this and didn’t think anything of it just thinking it was a weird headache or allergies until multiple days had passed and I still had it. 5+weeks later I’ve dealt with it every single morning and evening. I have also had 6 weeks of extreme fatigue, brain fog, weakness of extremities as well as chest pain and headaches. Covid tests I’ve taken have all been negative too. Doing everyday tasks have become so difficult.

I was referred out to the ENT which took many weeks to get into causing an extra stress of pushing back my second shot not knowing if that was safe or not. The ENT validated seeing this in many others who got the vaccine and reported that if I got my second shot it could get worse or it could get better, he has seen both incidences.

Another side note is that I got a covid antibody test and it is positive at 217 au/ml

My question is has anybody who developed pulsing gotten the second shot and it gotten worse or better? With Moderna being 80% effective after one dose and having antibodies Im having a tough time rationalizing risking hearing loss or worsening the condition for 10% more effectiveness. Any similar experiences especially regarding the pulsing after the second shot would be appreciated.

In another post, a user warns about receiving acupuncture treatment immediately after taking the second dose of Moderna’s vaccine.

Shot one: I had no reaction except STRONG arm pain that lasted for a couple of days. On the second day, I felt like I could feel the pain abating somewhat but also seeping across my body—having pain on that side of my whole torso. As a person with a tendency towards big health anxiety, I started to fret about this weird new feeling; then about 20 minutes later, all the pain vanished like magic!

A couple of days later I was feeling all good, and went to my Dr for acupuncture. I had been having pain in my neck from sleeping weird, and neglected to mention that it was the same side where I had just had my shot. After the session, I went to put on my jacket and felt a huge welt on my arm like a big bug bite. I thought it was where an acupuncture needle had been and remarked that it was so strange because I had never had a reaction like that before. WELL, it’s clear to me now (and probably to you) that it was actually the vaccine site that had swelled up! I felt weird, anxious, and activated for the rest of the day, and a massage therapist friend said, “well YEAH—you just directed all of the energy in your body back to that spot!!”. The day after, the swelling went down, and I suddenly had a big bruise where the needle had gone in. It wasn’t the worst thing in the whole world but it was odd and uncomfortable, so I’m sharing this story as a cautionary tale/recommendation to not get acupuncture soon after your vaccine near where the needle went in!

Shot two: I was super anxious about this one! I prepared the best I could by focusing on being hydrated and stocking up on Tylenol for pain and CBD for fear. I felt fine immediately afterwards, but could feel something creeping in as the day went on (including another round of big arm pain). Day two I woke up feeling like my bed was the most uncomfortable bed of all beds (Tylenol helped with that!), and just under-the-weather with no energy and a bit of brain fog. I had some residual feelings of it the day after that, but was heartened to know it was lessening. Kept focusing on drinking lots of water, which I would recommend!

Now five days later I’m feeling footloose and fancy-free, and SO happy to be vaccinated! I believe that receiving this vaccine was important for my own health and peace of mind, and to do my part for the health of the community around me. That said, I was VERY scared about having a bad reaction and really wanted to hear about other people getting it, having an ok time, and feeling glad that they had. If that resonates, this one is for you! ??

A few women have also documented how their menstrual cycles were thrown off by the vaccine.

I got J&J on April 6th and was hit pretty hard. About 8 hours after the vaccine I got chills and it went downhill from there. I had two full days of fever with temp hitting 102-103 F. It took a full week to feel almost normal, but I wasn’t able to work out without getting winded until two weeks after my dose. Overall it sucked but I’ve been that sick plenty of times and I knew I just had to keep telling myself it would pass.

The unsettling part were the menstrual changes I experienced. To preface – I’ve been tracking my period religiously for the past three years after I stopped hormonal birth control. In the past three years I’ve received the flu shot every year, an MMR booster (on the same day as a flu shot), and a typhoid vaccine. I also had pretty bad food/water poisoning in Central America with intense fever/chills. My cycle has consistently been within 1-2 days length of the previous cycle. Over a year, my cycle has not been more than 5 days of difference (ex. shortest cycle 27 days, longest 32). It seems that vaccinations and fever/illness had not affected my cycle until this one.

The cycle before my vaccination was 32 days long. I should have received my period April 28th which would have been day 32. It was late, but I do have a 1-2 day variation. When it hadn’t come by May 1 I knew something was off. I took multiple pregnancy tests until it finally came on May 5. I know this may not seem like a lot of days and of course periods can vary but it was extremely unusual for me. The first couple days were also brown, which has never happened to me at the start of the cycle and only sometimes on the very last day.

I hope if someone reads this maybe they can calm their nerves if they are experiencing a pregnancy scare like I was! I’m glad I got the vaccine but I wish I had been warned about the menstration part. I’ve reported my experience to VAERS and the Illinois university study too.

Also for more J&J experiences: My parter 26M also got J&J at the same time and got just as sick as I did but recovered a bit faster. My brother 30M also got J&J and experienced a sore arm and a bit of fatigue but that’s it.

27F and had a pretty normal experience with the vaccine. had arm soreness and an early period after the 1st dose, felt like garbage for a few days and had an early period again after the 2nd dose. i’ve seen a lot of people worried about menstrual side effects (which, according to science, is a normal aspect of immune response since estrogen and reproductive hormones play such an integral role).

anyway, just wanted to share that my cycle is back to normal 1.5 months after my 2nd dose for anyone who was wondering when they might go back to normal. (it’s my 2nd cycle since getting my 2nd shot.)

Hi everyone. I really want to get vaccinated but I’m really anxious about the menstrual irregularities and the fact that there are not any clear explanations or studies yet on the issue. I know there is a theory that it’s part of the immune response in the reproductive organs, but beyond that there just doesn’t seem to be much information. I also feel thrown off because I see so many people talking about this symptom online but when I speak to people about it in real life they brush it off and tell me it’s probably anti-vax propaganda or stress related. I am not anti-vax at all but I’m also feel like it’s valid to have concerns over side effects like this. I have PCOS and while my periods are very regular I really don’t want to do anything that could trigger more issues long term. I also don’t want to get covid so I’ve just been being very careful and isolating a lot.

I am wondering if I could get any feedback here about menstrual cycles regulating after irregularities caused by the vaccines. Thanks so much!

A person with painful, swollen lymph nodes asked the group if they should see a doctor.

Sooo I’m a little bit of a hypochondriac, but I have a big swollen lymph node on my collarbone area, it’s big. I just noticed it yesterday, and today it’s even bigger and a little painful when I touch it. Has this happened to anyone else? And if so, is it normal? Should I freak out? Should I tell my doctor? Or should I just wait it out. Thanks in advance

In the following post, someone asks for a “friend” about shooting arm pains and body aches a week after taking Moderna’s vaccine.

My friend had Covid a month ago and a week and a half ago had the moderna vaccine she had the first dose and her shoulders have been falling asleep, and she’s had shooting pains down her arms, and her left thumb stops working at times with nothing to provoke it and also her collar bones and shoulder bones feel very heavy and achey just out of the blue and she hasn’t done anything differently besides get the vaccine and have Covid so she’s wondering if anyone else has experienced these symptoms?

Another user complained of sensitive tonsils and uvula, headaches and a rash 6 days after receiving a second dose of the vaccine, in addition to developing strep throat.

Going on day 6 since I received my second dose.The body pain passed as normal and I had a fever Saturday and slept most Friday/Saturday.Woke up Monday feeling good but as the day progressed I got another fever and now my tonsils/Uvula are incredibly swollen and sensitive and it’s a bit hard to swallow.The my head is each has well, plus I started get rash’s on my arm. My eyes are getting super itchy too.As far as I’m aware all I’m allergic to are cat dandruff and seasonal pollens, but nothing this drastic.I’m wondering if anyone else has had these effects?If it doesn’t clear up by the time I wake up I guess I’m off to the hospital. (Sigh)

Update :I got Strep. The second time I go somewhere in 40 days (2 Covid Shots) and somehow I get strep.Doctor hypothesized there was a good chance my immune system was too busy with the 2nd vaccine

In another post, a person vaccinated weeks ago asks if anyone else has experienced “extreme fatigue and heavy brain fog” WEEKS after their second dose of Pfizer.

So, I got my second dose of the Pfizer Vaccine on April 28 and I felt fine, just a bit tired but I expected that after seeing how I felt after my first dose.. though, about a week after the second dose, I began to feel extreme fatigue and heavy brain fog. A couple days ago, I had a light cough but it must have been just a cold going around at my job (wasn’t COVID since I got tested and it came back negative. But, this feeling of exhaustion and like I’m completely out of it has not gone away. Last night, it took me like 4 hours to try to go to sleep.. and even when I do sleep enough, I feel sleepy. I’m scared. Has anyone else experienced this?

Here are complaints of a continual 100+ degree fever two weeks after a second dose of Moderna.

So the first week after my second Moderna vaccine I had a daily low-grade temperature of around 99.8. I am now into the end of the second week after my second vaccine and my temperature has been around 100.2 every single day this week!! Has anyone seen this? It’s been two weeks since my second shot and I still have a temperature!!!?

Another user described feeling “tingling sensations…like a cross between pins and needles and the sensation of cold water droplets being spritzed” after one dose of Pfizer.

I’ve seen a couple of other threads about this. I was vaccinated April 8th and a week later started having unusual tingling. It feels like a cross between pins and needles and the sensation that cold water droplets are being spritzed over top of me. It comes in waves, and is anywhere from head to toe. Some days are worse than others, nights are worse. I still have it.

I’m mainly asking this because I am someone who’s had neuropathy from Transverse Myelitis 6 years ago so I have to be on high alert for sensory changes. I also have not much data to bring to my neurologist so it would be beneficial for me (and others who see neurologists) to have a bit of baseline info.

A user complained of persistent weakness in their wrists and hands after the second Pfizer dose.

I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine about a week and a half ago. I felt completely fine after the first dose but during the second dose I felt sick (as expected) and also encountered 2 strange symptoms. The first one being that my eyes were really sore and the second one being that my wrists felt very fragile. The day after the vaccine I couldn’t even look at my phone because my eyes hurt. I also couldn’t even write the week after the vaccine because my wrists felt so weak. Thankfully the eye soreness only lasted a day but my wrists were sore for about 5/6 days. I wanted to share this in case anyone experienced the same thing as me.

Unsurprisingly, one user was censored and asked why mods deleted a post describing their side effects, even though they followed the group rules.

It didn’t go against any guidelines. I was sure and checked beforehand. I was expressing my side effects within what I thought was a safe community. Unless the mods run off of a complete bias as what they think is right and wrong, banning anyone they disagree with even if they are looking for support in an open forum.

There are also positive stories strewn throughout the group, though they mostly pertain to mild or limited symptoms.

Could stories like these be the reason why millions of Americans aren’t returning for their second vaccine doses?

Given Reddit’s long history of censorship, how long until r/CovidVaccinated is delisted?

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