US submarines find unidentified fast-moving objects under water

Submarines of the US Navy have recorded objects with sonar, the origin of which cannot yet be determined. A previously unidentified object was found next to the “stealth” ship USS Omaha.

In the United States, there is increasing talk of encounters with unidentified objects. The next such contacts took place with the participation of American submarines: “fast-moving objects” were found under water. This happened a few weeks before the publication of the Pentagon report on unidentified flying objects.

According to experts, the observations cannot be explained in terms of modern technologies: some experts put forward versions according to which unidentified objects may be reconnaissance vehicles of other countries or experimental developments of the United States itself.

Earlier there was a video showing a dark object moving across the sky next to the “invisible” ship. The Pentagon has officially confirmed that the UFO video published by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell is genuine, not fake.

Unidentified object near the ship USS Omaha / © youtube

The defense department promised to review the material with the involvement of a task force specializing in unidentified air phenomena. The group was formed last year with the aim of “obtaining information about the nature and origin” of such objects.

One of the most notable Pentagon statements in this regard was the data released in 2021. The department admitted that they studied the crash sites of unidentified objects and have finds that “will change our lives forever.” At the same time, a detailed analysis of the information does not allow making almost any conclusions either about the origin of objects, or about what practical possibilities they have.

Videos previously published by the US Department of Defense can answer these questions (at least in part). On them, one can see the meetings of American pilots with unidentified objects that have “neither a distinct wing, nor a distinct tail, nor a distinct exhaust plume.” As noted by observers, the above features do not prevent these vehicles from moving at high speed and making sharp maneuvers.

Video taken in 2004 over the coast of California / © youtube

Earlier it became known that the US Department of Defense has spent more than $ 20 million since 2007 on the study of unidentified flying objects, as well as on technologies that can be used for ultra-fast movement in space.

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