Top interviews of the week: Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Lee Merritt, Greg Caton, Tim Truth and Clay Clark

(Planet Today) Over the last week, we published several bombshell interviews with extraordinary truth tellers who are red-pilling the entire world. Here’s an overview of the top interviews, all hosted on, the free speech alternative to YouTube.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

To begin, Dr. Christiane Northrup spoke with me about covid-19 vaccine shedding / transmission, specifically focusing on women&#8217#8217;s health and the horrifying blood clotting that’s happening in women who are simply around vaccinated people (even if they aren’t vaccinated themselves).

Watch the full interview here:

In another terrifying interview, Dr. Lee Merritt joined me to discuss spike proteins as bioweapons, and how there are elements of the current plandemic that don’t add up if you assume this is simply a viral transmission scenario. There’s something else afoot, and it’s sinister. Were spike proteins mass produced and deliberately released in New York City? We discuss this possibility and more:

Another mind-blowing interview features Greg Caton, who warns about the accelerating “end times” global warfare that’s already underway and will wreak havoc across the planet through 2024. Greg Caton knows a wealth of information and isn’t afraid to “go there” when it comes to telling the truth. Watch and share:

Tim Truth publishes videos that depict weird, bizarre things in covid masks, vaccines and swabs. I spoke with Tim Truth about his mission and what he’s hoping to accomplish with his startling videos. This is a younger individual who got red pilled over the last few years and is now sounding the alarm to try to warn humanity about dangerous vaccines, nanoparticle injections and more:

Clay Clark is the producer of the Health & Freedom events, including the recent one in Tulsa that I attended in person. There are two upcoming events: One in Tampa and another in Anaheim. In this interview, Clay Clark and I discuss End Times, Christianity, why some churches are going full satanic, and what this all means for our collapsing world:

I’ve got more interviews coming for you soon, plus a new Situation Update podcast each weekday at:

Also, get ready for the launch of Brighteon TV which launches this July with a full roster of guests, shows and interviews. It’s a whole new network of truth-tellers, and it’s completely free to watch.

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