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Much has been said about time travel, but still few believe that it is actually possible. After all, at first glance, there is no evidence that people or objects can instantly move from one point in time to another. But this is only at first glance…

Mysterious Newspapers

In 1912, the mayor of the Norwegian city of Ott Johan Nygard sealed with sealing wax a certain package, telling him to open it after 100 years. For 80 years the envelope was kept at the post office in Oslo, and another 20 years it was on display at the Gudbrandsdal Museum. When it was finally opened, everyone was in for a huge surprise.

It was opened in a festive and crowded atmosphere, and TV journalists with cameras were also present. At first, however, the contents were disappointing: inside were some old city office documents of no value and a Norwegian flag. Among the papers were two newspapers from 1914. It seems that the mayor had, after all, opened the envelope two years later in order to put them there. But why?

Meanwhile, experts have determined that the envelope has never been opened since 1912 and that Nygard never had access to the Oslo post office. So where did the newspapers come from?

We have to assume that either Nygard had been to the future, in 1914, and brought the newspapers with him, or that they had somehow fallen into his hands. He decided not to tell about this to any of his contemporaries, but in such an extraordinary way to tell about the anomalous fact to distant descendants …

Such a case is not unique. The Harsfeld family (Louisville, USA) keeps a greeting card received in the mid-1950s with a view of the German city of Frankfurt. Rita Harsfeld received it once from her grandfather, who died in 1959. But the thing is, the postcard itself was issued in 1983 and has buildings on it that were not yet built in the 1950s.

A certain resident of Chardzhou tells an even more amazing story. When he was a kid, for some reason he wasn’t accepted as a pioneer for a long time. The boy really wanted to read the Pioneer Truth newspaper, but only members of the children’s organization were allowed to subscribe. One summer night our hero went to sleep in the yard. He could not sleep, and the schoolboy began to pray to God, in whom his grandmother had taught him to believe: “God, help me become a pioneer and read Pioneer Truth!”

Suddenly there was a whirlwind of dust. And then the boy saw the newspaper swirling in the air. He grabbed it, and the wind immediately died down. It turned out to be Pioneer Truth. The next morning he began to read it and, to his astonishment, discovered that it was dated… next year. Still not understanding where the Pioneer Truth had come from, he decided that it was the newspaper of the girl next door. But the neighbors denied everything… The next year the boy was accepted as a pioneer, and he subscribed to Pioneer Truth. And one day he got exactly the same number of the newspaper as the one that the wind had brought him a year before. So that newspaper really came to him from the future?

Encryptions from the future

Recently it is possible to meet the information about various paranormal phenomena connected with mobile communication and Internet. So, they tell about strange CMC. Someone receives messages from the year 2023, someone – from the year 2080… What they all have in common is that they are written in an unknown language that can not be deciphered by computer means.

Anatoly Grishin is a student, an ordinary citizen of Chelyabinsk. That is, he thought he was until he started receiving mysterious SMS messages. The first of them came on the birthday of a young man. The number was unfamiliar to him, and the text consisted of hieroglyphics. Anatoly paid attention to the date – January 1, 2040. He thought that someone had just decided to play a joke on him by giving him the wrong date and coding. But similar messages began to arrive every few days. And all of them had the year 2040 on them.

That got the guy thinking. He saved all the messages just in case and tried to decipher them on his computer, but only recognized some of the characters.

Calling his mobile operator, Tolya found out that the mysterious CMC did not match the database, so it turned out that he did not receive them at all… He was offered to change the number. After that nothing came for a month, and then he received the text message again, this time not only in hieroglyphs, but also in numbers, and the text was dated 2042.

Trying to find out the telephone number from which the messages came, Grishin found out that it was not assigned to any operator. It was as if the mysterious number did not exist in nature! Soon the student noticed that after receiving each message some unpleasant thing happened to him. For example, after receiving one of them, he had an accident.

Alarmed, Anatoly consulted a psychic. The lady said that there was nothing paranormal in the messages he received: they were written by a man and had nothing to do with otherworldly beings. Most likely, they come from… the future, and the author is one of Grishin’s friends or relatives. Or may be he himself.

The psychic suggested the following hypothesis. The person who writes the messages somehow found out about Anatoly’s future and is now trying to warn him about the coming troubles and troubles. But for some reason he cannot do it directly or does not have the technical conditions: messages reach the addressee only in “coded” form.

Contact via the Net

A few years ago, computer people noticed an ominous black banner that appeared from time to time on one Web page and then another. Clicking on it led nowhere, and after a while the banner disappeared on its own.

At first, programmers feared that a new virus was masquerading as a black banner. But then unexplainable things began to happen on the servers where the “glitch” was noticed. Thus, physicist Michael Dodgenson from NASA reports:

– When we analyzed the DNS servers, we found 102 links leading to nonexistent resources, or, to put it simply, to nowhere. And all of these links have dates between 2030 and 2070.

At the end of 2000 a person claiming to be John Titor began posting on the Net predictions for the near future. John claimed to have appeared…from the year 2036.

Titor left messages on various sites and forums. Sometimes he took the pseudonym TimeTravel_0. The prophecies made by this mysterious person look pretty grim. This man said that a civil war would break out in the United States, splitting the country into five regions with Omaha as the capital. In 2015 we are facing World War III, which will kill three billion people. And in 2036 a global virus will destroy the entire computer network, which will be a disaster for the rest of the world.

John Titor tells his readers that his mission is to go back to 1975 and to get hold of the IBM 5100 computer which must contain the programs to fight the future virus.

How, then, did Titor get to the year 2000? He really wanted to meet himself at the age of three, he explained. That was how old he was that year. Whether that venture succeeded is unknown. As you know, the theory of time travel denies the possibility of meeting your loved one from the past.

Many, of course, reacted to Titor’s posts with skepticism. But there were those who were interested in his information. For four months Tator answered in great detail all the questions that curious people asked him.

And he described the events of the future in a poetic style, like Nostradamus. Among other things, the mysterious stranger wrote that there were many realities and his own reality might not be related to ours. That is, the future in which he lives may have nothing to do with our past and present.

However, he urged us to prepare for a negative turn of events – in particular, to learn first aid and not to eat beef, because in his reality such a disease as mad cow disease has become a serious threat to mankind.

Titor also talked about some technical aspects of time travel and even posted pictures on the web of the device he supposedly used to travel to the past, although the pictures were not of very high quality.

Titor last went online on March 24, 2001 to offer his end-of-the-world advice to his fans: “Take a gas can with you when you leave your car by the side of the road. After that he closed all his accounts, and no one ever heard from him again.

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