There is no scientific basis to support the concept of vaccine passports, let alone any legal basis

(Planet Today) Vaccine passports are dead on arrival, legally and scientifically. There is no scientific or legal basis to support such a discriminatory, coercive act of medical tyranny that segregates people who already have naturally acquired immunity or who are at no risk from a hypothetical infection.

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A large group of doctors from thirty different countries all concur that there is no scientific basis to support so-called vaccine passports. These health care professionals are part of an upstanding group called Doctors for Covid Ethics. They are focused on the simple fact that vaccine passports discriminate against millions of people who already have naturally acquired immunity to SARS-CoV-2. The doctors report that people who acquired natural immunity to SARS in 2003 still have immunity to the virus, seventeen years later. SARS is the most closely related pathogen to the current virus of concern. It’s common knowledge that millions of people now have naturally acquired immunity to SARS-CoV-2 — immunity that lasts a lifetime and plays an important role in the theory of herd immunity.

Vaccine requirements also threaten the medical privacy and civil liberties of healthy, low-risk individuals who can prevent the infection altogether or easily acquire natural immunity in the future. Because of rapid mutations and host adaptation, SARS-CoV-2 presents only mild symptoms for the general population.

Vaccine Passports have no scientific standing, are an international human rights abuse

The idea behind vaccine passports is to punish, segregate and discriminate against people until they comply with public health orders and inoculation protocols. Under the vaccine passport tyranny, governments, corporations, and event planners are given indefinite power to put restrictions on people’s lives – how they can gather, where they can go, who they can see, etc. This system of tyranny forces people to comply with vaccinations to get their freedom back. Under this show me your papers system, individuals are required to carry proof of vaccination, whether in physical or digital form.

The European Union has instituted the Digital Green Pass system, which requires all citizens to show proof of vaccine compliance in order to travel, gather or access society. Citizens are required to update their Pass every six months, as people are coerced to seek permission just to go about their daily lives. The European Union now requires Digital Green Pass holders to get re-vaccinated every six months or submit their body to inaccurate antibody tests and DNA swabs every 48 hours in order to regain their freedoms.

Naturally-acquired T-cell immunity is not measured and is discriminated against

Antibody tests alone do not provide an accurate picture of immunity. “Antibodies aren’t the most important host defense mechanism in immunity to viruses,” the doctors wrote. The cytotoxic T-cell memory cells and helper T-cell lymphocytes are the most important part of the immunity process, but these facets are not measured to determine immunity. Therefore, “examining the time course of antibodies in blood samples is not a valid approach to the question of, ‘how long does immunity last?’” Moreover, antibody levels are not scientifically justified to confirm immunity to SARS-CoV-2, and these tests are being illegally used to compel vaccination.

A person’s antibody level is ultimately irrelevant to their complete immune status. Antibody levels will fall over time if the body is not being constantly re-exposed to the original virus, a pathogen that is ineffective and unable to replicate if the person already has broad-spectrum T-cell immunity. Antibody tests are thereby used as false evidence to force people to take booster vaccines for covid-19.

There is no evidence that covid-19 variants can break through natural immunity, either. “Several groups of immunologists have shown convincingly that people immune to one variant have T-cells which recognize all the other variants tested. This isn’t a surprise, for no variant differs from the original sequence by more than 0.3 per cent.”

Remarkably, those who retained immunity to SARS for seventeen years also had immunity to SARS-CoV-2. Because these viruses differ by approximately 20 percent, it’s safe to say that anyone with natural immunity to the 2003 SARS or covid-19 is also immune to the various covid-19 variants.

Vaccine passports and all the coercive bodily requirements and false evidence that accompany this system of abuse must be declared an international human rights issue.

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