The LGBT movement’s destructive history and legacy

(Planet Today) As the new Democrat-controlled Congress prepares to advance its LGBT agenda with the Equality Act, the possibility of the federal government mandating that biological boys share girls’ dressing rooms and compete in girls’ sports is very real. That possibility is just the latest consequence of a political movement that can be accurately described as one of the most destructive in American history. To understand what is happening now, it is helpful to understand how the LGBT movement got so powerful.

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Here is a brief history of the LGBT movement in America:

The birth of LGBT power of intimidation came in the early 1970s when gay activists harassed psychiatrists and protested the American Psychiatric Association’s classification of homosexuality as a disorder. Gay activists soon partnered with liberal psychiatrists to take over the leadership of the American Psychiatric Association, and in 1973 homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).[1] The removal of homosexuality from the DSM was not based on clinical science, but rather on political pressure from gay activists.[2] The vast majority of psychiatrists still saw homosexuality as a disorder or a symptom of a disorder, but only a few were willing to go toe to toe with the gay activists.[3] As a result, the LGBT bully was born and impowered.

Liberal leaders of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association gradually allowed their homosexual members to control the dialogue on homosexuality. LGB (no T yet) divisions and sub-associations were created within these two APAs, and the APAs became extensions of the LGB movement.[4] As a result, fifty years of clinical science on the causation and treatment of homosexuality were systematically removed from treatment manuals and textbooks.[5] Gay activists and their allies continued their attacks on psychiatrists and psychologists who publicly disagreed with the non-disorder classification.[6] Within a short span of years, the APAs’ support for objective clinical science on homosexuality became a thing of the past.

At the same time, in the early 1970s, gay rights activists in the universities were pressuring administrators to acknowledge them through gay student organizations. These student organizations eventually led to gay and lesbian student centers and LGB administrative divisions which dictated university policies on anything LGB.[7] The influence of LGB centers of power in the universities led to the loss of objectivity regarding the clinical science on homosexuality, and intolerance for any view which did not hold homosexuality on an equal status with heterosexuality. In recent history the loss of objectivity was extended to transgender clinical science when LGB became LGBT.

Once LGBT activists were controlling the dialogue on homosexuality in the APAs, they moved to expand their influence over therapists’ and counselors’ treatment strategies for clients with unwanted same-sex attraction, and children showing signs of gender confusion. It took years of continued effort, but in 2009 LGBT mental health professionals succeeded in using the American Psychological Association to condemn the practice of helping those with unwanted homosexuality tr y to move toward heterosexuality.[8] The client’s self-determination no longer mattered if he/she sought to overcome homosexuality. Using the APA Task Force Report, LGBT activists extended their influence to legislative law, making it illegal in many states for a therapist to help a person who wishes to change their homosexual orientation.[9] These same activists have sought — and succeeded in part — to make it impossible for parents to get professional help for a child struggling with their sexual or gender identity, if the desire of the parent is to move the child toward a heterosexual identity or toward acceptance of their biological gender.[10]

Local governments and corporate America have also succumbed to the LGBT bully. LGBT activists have pushed the inclusion of “sexual orientation” into corporate anti-discrimination policies. Once “sexual orientation” has become part of the policy, LGBT activists have been able to punish workers who do not view homosexuality as moral or equal to heterosexuality.[11] This is similar to how LGBT activists have been able to punish opponents in the university setting and in the public-school systems.[12]

The most widespread intimidation tactic of the LGBT movement has been the creation of the word’s “homophobia,” “homophobic,” “homophobe,” and recently “transphobia.” These terms do not mean fear of homosexuals or transgenders. Rather, they mean being opposed to LGBT social objectives. LGBT activists have projected that being homophobic is akin to being a racist or a bigot. The terms are meant to slander, shame, and intimidate,[13] in the same manner a racist or bigot uses slanderous words to demean people they don’t like.

To indoctrinate the younger generations, LGBT activists and their allies have used teachers’ unions,[14] library organizations,[15] publishers,[16] and professional organizations [17] to advance their LGBT social objectives. What students are told about homosexuality and transgender identities often comes from LGBT activists and their allies.[18] Students are not taught the science on the causes and changeability of homosexuality or transgenderism. In addition, if the health risks of male homosexual activity are not taught, the school system will endanger vulnerable students.[19] Schools that follow LGBT guidelines will not help students identify with their biological sex. Thus, more and more students will suffer from sexual identity issues and identify as homosexual and transgender.[20]

Any LGBT doctrinal teaching in the school system that professes that homosexuality and gay marriage are equivalent to heterosexuality and heterosexual marriage is a moral viewpoint. It is an anti-God moral viewpoint. Part of the LGBT political agenda is to force their morality on America. The authority to define the morality of American culture is supposed to come from the people. Unfortunately, too many citizens in America have been unwilling to fight against the LGBT activists for the moral high ground on sexuality.

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