The 10 most popular Western “medicines” and treatments that FAIL to heal you… and how they make health matters WORSE in the long run

(Planet Today) Did you know that taking a round of antibiotics completely “carpet bombs” your good bacteria in your gut? After arduous medical research had been conducted for years, the medical industry finally had to admit that beneficial organisms living in our intestines get totally wiped out from a full round of the very medicine that’s widely over-prescribed in America – antibiotics.

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What’s worse, is that if you have a viral infection, but you have symptoms that mimic a bacterial infection, now, thanks to Western Medicine, you’ll be prescribed medication that immediately destroys your immune system, giving that virus all the ammunition it needs to take over your body and kill you.

How many doctors in America, right now, are prescribing antibiotics for anything, while genetically mutated viruses (Covid-21 and Covid-22) are being spread by and injected into those same patients?

Antibiotics set up autoimmune disease

The antibiotics, in other words, are what sets up the human being for autoimmune diseases, for humans already suffering from mercury injections (flu shots), fluoridated water syndrome (lowered IQ, cancer, calcium deficiency), and the effects of all the foreign proteins in vaccines.

Now you have the Covid vaccines being injected, that literally create deadly prions in the human body, leading to blood clots and other nervous system disorders. It’s bio-terrorism, and in the long run, all humans captivated under the dark, evil wing of Western Medicine will find out the hard way there’s no undoing.

Top 10 most popular Western medicines that could easily ‘do you in’ and leave you six feet under

#1. Antibiotics – One of the main reasons MDs are referred to as quacks. They push medicine they know severely depletes your immune system function, and most of the time, they’re playing a guessing game against deadly viruses, and losing.

#2. Antihistamines – By suppressing your mucus production, you can breathe easier for a little while (because antihistamines shrink your membranes), but the MDs ALL KNOW what happens when you do that. Whatever you are allergic to (or being attacked by) that created your symptoms, the job of your mucus is to push it out of your system. By suppressing the mucus with antihistamines, the allergen — whether it be pollen, dust, flowers, viruses, chemicals, etc. — then becomes a sinus infection and/or bronchial infection after four to seven days of suppression. That’s why the doctor sets up a “follow up” visit, because he/she KNOWS this was coming and now you’ll be prescribed antibiotics. Get ready.

#3. Surgery – More often than not, human organs are removed to try to stave off the spread of disease, or because they are malfunctioning in some way (think kidney and gall stones, colon cancer polyps). What most Americans don’t know is that these surgeries can be avoided, including the damage all together that’s being done before and after surgery. Even knee and hip replacements can be avoided, but Western Medicine sets ’em all up for long term, extremely expensive chronic care that only makes things worse. Surgeons in America love bankrolling off dying seniors by performing unnecessary surgeries, and it’s well documented.

#4. Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy also wipes out your immune system and helps the cancer spread. Though some oncologists can target certain areas that are cancer infested, they can’t stop chemo from fueling new cancer cell development, and all those cancer cells that escape the surgery that is done right before the chemo ‘treatments.’ What a nightmare piled upon another nightmare.

#5. Radiation – The fastest way to cause cancer to develop in the human body, and to cause cancer to come back, is by radiation. Hey ladies, did you know that radiation treatment for one breast can cause cancer in the other? Try now to say Fukushima without coughing into your (useless) Covid mask.

#6. Blood Thinner – Blood thinner depletes the nutrients in your blood all day and all night because it is poison. Many of the ingredients in blood thinners are used to kill pests, like rats. Are you a ‘medicated’ rat?

#7. Vaccines – The most sinister way Western Medicine depletes human immune function is through dirty vaccines, and they’re all dirty these days.

#8. High Blood Pressure Medications – Did you know ‘ACE inhibitors’ deplete zinc in the human body? You need zinc to help fight off Covid. Are doctors telling their patients who are prescribed blood pressure meds this vital information? Did you know ‘Beta Blockers’ and statins deplete your coenzyme Q10, chromium, vitamin B5, and choline?

#9. Cholesterol Medications – Did you know that hypercholesterolemia, which is a super-popular ‘health issue’ of the 21st century, is an invented disease that began to pop up all over America when medical professionals learned how to measure cholesterol levels in the blood?

#10. Anxiety and Depression Medications (SSRIs) – Prescribed medications for mental and emotional problems that are often termed “chemical imbalances” nowadays (that are really nutrient deficiencies) so MDs and psychologists can play God and pretend that they can control the human brain with prescription drugs. They can’t, and the drugs make conditions worse, and that’s why the side effects listed on them warn you about worsening depression, thoughts of homicide, and thoughts of suicide.

Advice: Avoid the ten most popular Western ‘medicines’ and treatments that fail to heal you and make health matters worse in the long run. Then tune your internet frequency to for updates on how to take care of your body and mind with superfoods, supplements and whole organic food right now. Plus, learn how to prepare for the upcoming communist apocalypse.

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