Texas pro-life victory scares desperate blue-check abortion fans

(Planet Today) Governor Greg Abbot (R-TX) just signed into law one of the nation’s most important abortion bans in history in the state of Texas and boy, are abortion lovers not happy about it.

(Article by Gabriel Hays republished from NewsBusters.org)

The Texas governor signed a bill on May 19 that would ban abortions in the state after a heartbeat had been detected in the womb. Of course that means that unborn babies as young as six weeks old are going to be legally protected from abortion. This will save many innocent unborn lives in the Lone Star state and is something to be thankful for, especially as the country loses on so many other fronts in Biden’s America. The law goes into effect as soon as September 1, 2021.

Though on the flipside in far left pro-abort America, this is the latest terrible news in a week marked by terrible “anti-choice” news. After the conservative majority U.S. Supreme Court declared it would rule on a Mississippi abortion ban that could pave a pathway to putting Roe V Wade out of commission, the news that a woman only has a six week window to kill their child in Texas was a body blow.

Feminist and Daily Beast Editor at Large Molly Jong-Fast fumed at what mainstream media was describing as Texas’ “near-complete ban on abortion.” She first tweeted that this was “Real handmaid’s tale shit right here,” referencing Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel which depicts a future America where women are forced to give birth at the behest of an evil patriarchy.

In a subsequent tweet, Jong-Fast made a desperate argument that Texas’ new pro-life law is hypocritical considering it still employs the death penalty. She wrote, “The state of Texas is scheduled to execute Quintin Jones tonight.” Oh how cute, Molly. Though the life of an innocent unborn isn’t exactly the same as the convict whose willful crime put him on death row.

Shockingly, comedian and actor John Fugelsang tried to invoke Jesus Christ’s in denouncing the pro-life bill. He tweeted, “Remember: Criminalizing abortion so women & doctors are incarcerated has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus.”

Nice try, though let’s not obfuscate the fact that ending abortion is a moral imperative according to the Catholic Church founded by Christ. It is the greatest evil in the modern world. And if doctors and mothers had to go to jail for trying to kill innocent children through the abominable practice, so be it. We daresay society would be much better off than it is now.

MSNBC contributor Laura Bassett hated the news and threw up another desperate argument in response, saying that rich women are going to get abortions anyways, and poor people are being discriminated by this. “Again, rich women will find a way to have an abortion if they want one. They can travel to a blue state where it’s still legal,” she wrote, adding, “These bills mainly force women without means to go through with a pregnancy they can’t afford or attempt an illegal method.” So what? If rich women want to go above and beyond to kill their kids, God help them. But just because they manage it doesn’t mean everyone has a right to. Find a better argument, Laura.

Thank God for Governor Abbott and the great state of Texas. Countless innocent lives will be saved, and that’s worth all the idiotic and hyperbolic leftist reactions in the world.

Read more at: NewsBusters.org

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