Stanford student government candidate says ‘White people need to be eradicated’

(Planet Today) In several tweets dug up from last year, a Stanford University sophomore running for reelection in student government made racist comments against white people, notably saying that “white people need to be eradicated.”

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Stanford College Republicans found the tweets posted by Gabby Crooks and began circulating them on social media. Stephen Sills, a junior at Stanford and the president of the organization, told The Federalist, “Racism in any form is obscene, and there’s a moral obligation that students need to know this stuff before they vote.”

“[Y]es I think white people need to be eradicate yes I will go feral over mediocre white men we exist,” Crooks tweeted in July of 2020.

“….why do white people think everything is about them??” Cooks wrote a week later.

Below are additional tweets by Crooks that the College Republicans located.

“why did I see vinnie hacker tryna fly outside my window ya’ll n-ggas let spicy white get to these crackers’ heads.”

“not my mom walking in on me watching a video about unlearning christian homophobia and getting mad….girl do i potentially have news for you.”

“[W]hite tears live stream,” Crooks tweeted.

“[N]ot a passionate amerikkka lover in my IR class….. I thought ya’ll were joking,” Crooks said, spelling America with three K’s in reference to the Ku Klux Klan.

The Stanford College Republicans has continued to post additional tweets it has uncovered that are written by the student government candidate. Crooks has received an endorsement from the Stanford Student Daily Editorial Board, but the newspaper did not respond to a request for comment asking if it stands behind this decision. The Stanford Student Daily, a publication with a far-left slant, published an op-ed in February that said the Stanford College Republicans should be removed from campus.

While Sills noted that the College Republicans often look for things student body representatives have said to inform others on candidates and their histories, the group’s president said this was “the first big discovery that we sort of had regarding a student body leader.”

“I think it is reflective of the sort of cultural context that we live in — where anti-white racism is growing increasingly prevalent and mainstream,” Sills said. “Especially on college campuses, where it is ideologically taught that its acceptable to be racist to white Americans because of this false narrative that you can only be racist if you have power.”

The Federalist emailed Crooks but did not receive a response.

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