Severe flooding in Musi Rawas District, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Severe flooding has occurred in the Musi Ravas District, South Sumatra Province in Indonesia. According to Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Agency BNPB, heavy rains caused the Lakit River to overflow, flooding 4 villages in Selangit district and one village in Suku Tengah Lakitan Ulu district, where floodwaters reached 1.5 meters deep.

A full assessment of the damage has not yet been completed, but as of late May, 247 houses, 1 school and 2 churches in Selangit were flooded by floodwaters up to 1 meter deep. Some 1,235 people were affected.

Other areas of the country have experienced flooding in the past few days, notably Bandung District in West Java Province, where 60,000 people have been affected.

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