SCIENCE promotes VIOLENCE: Journal “Nature” calls for violent arrest of anyone who won’t accept injections containing mercury, human abortion cells, and cell-altering mRNA sequences

(Planet Today) We are the dissidents. We, meaning people who believe in natural medicine, don’t like injections that contain mercury and human abortion cells, and we especially don’t want Bill Gates’ gene therapy shots. We are not in compliance with this invasive medical procedure that could easily be a means of wiping out most of the populace. That is why pharma’s shill journalists, writing for the CDC, the CCP and the vaccine industrial complex, are calling for our imprisonment and execution, based on our validation that science shows vaccines are extremely detrimental to health, and the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are killing people, even as you read this.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from

Communism is hard at work in America, and it’s being spread under the guise of a virus pandemic. The leaders must have total compliance to pull it off, so now they’re launching a “counteroffensive” against the Americans who know what’s really going on, and that’s mostly healthy people (unvaccinated, independent thinkers) who own land and lots of guns.

At the helm of this Marxist aggression is a lonely, nerdy little shill named Peter Hotez, who just so happens to be the Dean of the School of “Tropical Medicine” at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, who also just so happens to work on vaccines, including SARS (hint, hint). Peter loves studying worms, and he’s very angry at the world, now calling for a full-blown military attack on natural health enthusiasts who won’t allow needles full of poisons to be jabbed into their arms in the name of a fake pandemic (the Chinese flu).

Violent, nerdy vaccine doctor calls for military-style arrest of all “anti-vaxxers”

Little nerdy Pete wrote a very violent paper (really just a blog rant) that got published in Nature online shill magazine, where the little worm doctor spells out how every “anti-vaxxer” should be hunted down like the way the Nazis hunted down the Jews, but now using cyber security, drones and international mercenary hit-men (UN forces), and dragged to concentration camps for forced vaccination and reeducation. He called it a high-level inter-agency task force that would assess the full impact of anti-vaccine “aggression.” Yes, because all of us “anti-vaxxers” are going around cities like BLM/Antifa and violently beating down all the vaccinated while we spread the deadliest virus to ever exist on Earth. We must be stopped! Sure.

By the way, if you’d like to contact this violent nerd shill, Peter “The Worm” Hotez, just click this link and have at it. He wants to hear from you because he’s got all this hatred bound up inside him and he can’t think of anything original to write for his hacking habit, besides promoting genocidal inoculations. You can call him or simply email your thoughts, as he has nothing better to do than promote fake news and the plandemic.

The vaccine and its propagandists are the pandemic, not the virus itself

According to the best-paid liars of the plandemic, the only way to stop the spread of Bill Gates’ China virus, Covid-19, is to launch a high-level, military counteroffensive against people who won’t get the mad-cow-disease-inducing (mRNA) injections. By the way, COVID, for 5 years, has stood for Covid identification, like COV-I.D. Get it? It was always about vaccine passports, even before the first case entered the public sphere in China. So now, shill scientists, doctors and fake journalists are spreading propaganda that all the vaccinated sheeple must agree to round up and kill the unvaccinated. The dissidents. In other words, the “Jews” this time around are everybody who doesn’t get the prion-creating jabs.

The concentration camps, in the Covid plandemic Holocaust, are the vaccination huts, where all the people who think they’re building immunity are literally signing up for the “gas chambers” (the final vaccines and the new, more virulent strains of Covid). Just as the Jews thought they were walking into huge showering facilities, the vaccinated sheeple are “walking into” gene-mutating facilities known as inoculations.

There is a real war going on, and if you don’t fight off the vaccines, you die. There is a violent counteroffensive going on, and it’s by the Biden Regime (CCP), in their attempt to vaccinate all the healthy Americans, especially minorities, land owners, and of course, gun owners. Don’t fall for the fix, because the fix is in, and the fix is deadly. So, before you go, ask yourself one huge question: Why must we all have I.D. proving vaccination but nobody needs I.D. to vote? That’s communism folks. Pay attention to the bouncing ball.

This has been a public service announcement from Natural Health News. Stay frosty my friends. Tune your internet frequency to for updates on how vaccines ARE the pandemic.

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