Rockefeller Email from 2002 Outlines Armageddon Agenda and Transition to New World

An authentic e-mail sent from Rockefeller Global Communications lays out with stunning clarity the agenda of the globalist elite supporting a destructive planetary shift.

This message is authentic, powerful and prophetic and should be sincerely considered by everyone. It serves as an excellent reminder to think deeply about one’s life and its meaning as we live in extraordinary times. These are not ordinary lives, for the stakes are very high this time, both personally and collectively. We must face the times to come squarely and with great courage, objectivity and strength if we are to survive and survive a world in decline.

This letter was sent to the UN General Assembly on March 22, 2002. Copies of the letter were sent to many independent journalists. The first letter was e-mailed to Rayelan Rassbacher of Rumor Mill News on March 21.

From: Rockefeller Global Communications .


Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 20:27:55 +1000

Subject: Countdown to Armageddon

To the vast sea of humanity,

The time of the end has come. Whether we like it or not, this is a destiny we all must face. On September 11, 2001, the world witnessed the beginning of the end. What we have seen and experienced will be nothing compared to the calamity that will soon ensue. It is sad that so many lives have been lost and so many more will be lost–but this will happen as the old system begins to collapse.

No human government, now or since ancient times, has been able to maintain perfect order. Every government has failed and will continue to fail. They cannot protect you. They cannot give you a place where people are truly free, where your neighbors are your family and foreigners are your friends. No human government today can or will ever achieve this. That is why the Agenda was developed. In time it came to be called Armageddon. But have no fear. It will not be a nuclear holocaust or some stray asteroid from the sky that will destroy our civilization.

It won’t really be the planet that will suffer and be swept away. It will be the people inhabiting this great planet who have no respect or true regard for their fellow human beings. Each of you must think very deeply and sincerely. You must ask yourselves these questions: Will I be able to overcome my hatred of my fellow man or will I set aside my differences and unite and care for my fellow man? Will I treat them with kindness? Or will I continue to take advantage of them? When was the last time you took someone off the street and gave them some food or helped them find shelter for the night? Or sat next to someone on a bus, at the mall, on the train and said, “Hi.” When was the last time you comforted a stranger who had lost a loved one? When was the last time you were friends with someone, not because of their possessions or wealth, but simply because you cared about them? When was the last time you truly showed your human spirit and heart toward your neighbor?

None of the above is easy. It is difficult. None of us are perfect. None of us have had a good life. Some think that since we have suffered to some degree, we deserve everything we can get-even if it means hurting another person in the process. But those who try to rebel against our negative behavior will survive and be rewarded with a life on earth that we can only dream of now. Only the meek will own the earth. This is certain.

A new system is coming. The only question is, will you choose to be there? Or will you continue down the path of self-destruction. That is up to you. The next Agenda is inevitable, and you will have to go through it to survive and get there. So think deeply.

This is your future. And may you do well.

Your brother.
A.I. Rockefeller.
Rockefeller Global Communications

======== AGENDA FOR A NEW WORLD =========

The following events to come:

1) A complete intractable collapse of peace in the Middle East.

2a) The Vatican and Jerusalem will be destroyed by religious terrorists.

2b) A worldwide repression of all religions. All religions will be banned. Religion will not be allowed to be practiced or preached outside the family home.

3) The United Nations would establish a temporary one world government and then declare world peace and security.

4) The citizens of the new one world state will rise up. A sudden and systematic collapse of the regional governments of Great Britain, China, and the United States. The rest of the world will descend into anarchy. Billions of people will die. Only people of good will and followers of the truth will survive.

5) A new world government of 144,000 members and 6 million subjects will take over.

6) A massive cleansing operation will begin as a New World will be created. Ecosystems will be restored. Infrastructures will be rebuilt. Malaise and disease will be eliminated. Aging will be reversed and the aging process itself will cease. A new restored human family will gradually bring the earth into paradise under theocratic rule.

======== END OF AGENDA =========

The message is clear: We are currently in the beginning or middle stages of a major worldwide transition to self-destruction that will eventually lead to a new system and way of life on Earth. Tragic numbers of people will lose their lives during the chaos these events will bring. This is the direct result of humanity’s abuse and overuse of the world’s resources, our fellow human beings, all living things and the balance of nature itself.

The elite are fully aware of this, have been preparing for it, warning, inciting and setting humanity up for it. If you are truly astute, you can see how the elite has been preparing the masses for years for global cataclysm and collapse. You can see it in countless movies and TV shows depicting “realistic” and creepy scenes of a post-apocalyptic world.

There is a program of depopulation, and you can easily see it if you open your eyes to the reality around you. It is manifesting itself in virtually every area of life as we know it, and it will only intensify. You can’t say they didn’t warn you. Whether it happens in 1 year or 10, our way of life as we know it now will come to an end.

I know this is not the rosy, comfortable message people want to hear, but reality must be faced and considered objectively. Humanity will have to face the consequences of its destructive and ignorant actions. Great waves of change are upon us, and each month and year will increase in magnitude. This includes the following converging crises that we will have to contend with:

– Growing economic hardship and political instability
– Declining energy and natural resources
– Climate change and catastrophic weather patterns
– Loss of arable land and fresh water
– Pandemic diseases
– Escalating global conflicts
– Extraterrestrial intervention

To survive all of this and awaken to your highest purpose in life, you must recognize the gravity of the future that awaits you, your loved ones, and humanity as a whole. You cannot assume that you will be safe and get through this without some action on your part.

Wishful thinking and fantastic hopes will not suffice here. All tendencies toward escapist behavior and denial must be overcome in order to see clearly. Constant and careful evaluation and preparation will be required, for only the true foundation of Knowledge and Spiritual Intelligence deep within you can serve as your guide in these times.

You must be strong, you must be wise, and you must be able to adapt to increasingly difficult and uncertain circumstances. You must be able to take care of yourself, your family and those in need, for true service will be required of you.

The letter presented to you was written by Amadeus Indiana Rockefeller. When you visit the current site,, you are taken to a WordPress blog. However, if you go to the site in 2002 through the web archives, you can see the original site. It was a full-fledged business, with an address, phone numbers, everything you need.

Amadeus also had his personal Web site, which is now also defunct. However, through the web archive I was able to find his personal “About Me” page as it was in 2001.

“Amadeus is a name synonymous with the archetypal prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Similarly, Amadeus Rockefeller was really a child genius who excelled not in music but in the written word.”

He was born on December 23, 1970. It is safe to say that the e-mail did come from him in 2002.

Further investigation via UWhois and InterNIC of the domain name revealed the following information:

descr: (ACN) 009 323 933
descr: P.O. Box 172
descr: Toogoolawah QLD 4313
admin-c: AR1120-AU
technician-c: DA110-AU
zone-c: AR1120-AU
remarks: Created 20010713
modified: 20010713
Source: AUNIC

person: Amadeus Rockefeller
address: PO Box 172
address: Toogoolawah
address: QLD 4313
address: AU
phone: +61 07 54242617
fax: +61 07 54242617
nic-hdl: AR1120-AU
remarks: (Organization) A.I. Rockefeller
remarks: (Position) Manager
(Manager) notes: Created 20010705
modified: 20010705
Source: AUNIC

Just so you know, only Australian companies and corporations can use the domain name, which requires verification by government administrators. Thus, it turns out that this site, as it was in 2002, was REAL. Rockefeller Global Communications was a real company, and it appears that Amadeus is also a real person.

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