Pallets full of brand-new covid ventilators dumped in Miami-Dade landfill

(Planet Today) An area resident from South Dade County in Florida made a shocking discovery the other day upon taking his trash to the local landfill.

Instead of finding normal garbage, the man noticed pallets upon pallets full of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) ventilators, all brand new, that had been discarded for some unknown reason.

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Video footage captured at the site shows the boxes of ventilators still covered in plastic wrap. All of these boxes were presumably flattened by the plow that comes by daily to make room for more trash.

“I just thought it was a lot of waste,” the resident told a local media outlet. “I mean, thousands and thousands of medical units that are being just tossed out.”

The manufacturer listed on the boxes was Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Ltd., based out of China.

A posting from a broker shows that the devices were selling for upwards of $26,000 last year during the height of plandemic hysteria. As you may recall, ventilators were supposedly in such short supply that car manufacturer Ford started making them out of repurposed ventilation fans.

Interestingly, Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Ltd.’s ventilator is not listed among the 86 models that were authorized for emergency used by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This creates even more questions as to how and why they ended up in a United States landfill.

“I can understand if they were used or damaged, but these were brand new units still in the packaging,” the resident added, perplexed at the discovery.

How did unauthorized, unapproved Chinese ventilators make it through Customs into Florida?

At the time the resident arrived at the landfill, there was actually a truck dumping more ventilators into the pile. He just happened to be present at just the right time to film it all happening.

Local 10 News reportedly tracked down the owner of the truck, a broker called Doral, to inquire as to how the devices even cleared U.S. Customs.

“Since we are the customs broker, who clears customs for whoever the actual importer was, we can’t give that information without first getting authorization from the importer,” was the response given by Sergio Lozano, Vice President of Alpha Brokers Corp.

According to the FDA, any medical device that it does not approve or emergency authorize cannot be used in the United States. Apparently, these devices made it through Customs and were later identified as unlawful, prompting their destruction.

Who ordered them in the first place, though? And why are they even needed now that we know ventilators greatly increase the risk of death when used on Chinese Virus patients?

Based on the volume of brand-new ventilators spotted at the Miami-Dade landfill, the collective cost of these things was probably in the millions. Who paid for that and what is the story behind how and why the devices got here?

“Who would want to use anything from China during Covid-19 peak time?” one commenter wrote, obviously confused about the fact that the “pandemic” is long over.

“The public may never know the real Covid-19 truth in who, what, where and why at least until years from now,” wrote another. “The wasteful spending and fraud will continue with plenty of slapping cash to spend. The $1.9 trillion hasn’t even made a dent. From the very beginning with the fear, hysteria and ignorance on all sides, so sad.”

Others suggested that perhaps the devices could have been shipped elsewhere where they might have been put to good use rather than simply tossed into the garbage wastefully.

“I know stuff made in China is junk but they could at least donate them,” suggested one of them.

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