New Alzheimer’s treatment using ultrasound yields 75% success rate, restoring complete memory function in trial run

(Planet Today) A new Alzheimer’s treatment called focused therapeutic ultrasound beams sound waves into brain tissue and stimulates the brain’s waste removal system, safely enabling a clearance of the plaques, clumps and tangles that block memories. This non-invasive technology uses sound waves to safely open the blood-brain barrier where your ‘janitorial’ microglial cells can sweep out the garbage for a few hours, including beta-amyloid clumps (sticky proteins) and neurofibrillary tangles (that clog neurons), the two most common lesions in the brain that build up over time, blocking memories while leading to strokes and dementia.

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A team at the Queensland Brain Institute in Australia was successful in treating 75 mice with focused therapeutic ultrasound, with astonishing 75 percent success rate at restoring memory. With no damage done to surrounding brain tissue, the ultrasound beams loosened the plaque, clumps and tangles enough for a few hours that the microglial cells were able to do their job again, clearing the ‘trash’ out of the memory ‘hallways.’ After that, nutrients are able to flow to these parts of the brain that were clogged and riddled with plaques.

Ultrasound proves successful in three memory and performance tasks for mice

Did you know that, on average, the protein-coding regions of the mouse and human genomes are 85 percent identical? That’s why humans should pay CLOSE attention to studies that scientists run on mice.

Mice were put through tests with mazes, new objects, and ‘places to avoid.’ Three out of every four mice that were treated with sound waves were able to navigate better through the maze, recognize there were new objects in the pathways, and remember the places to avoid that they had experienced before.

The research is published in Science Translational Medicine and should fundamentally change the way dementia is being treated from here on out. Sheep trials are next, then humans.

It’s important to know what causes Alzheimer’s, too. We can’t just rely on new technologies to save us all after we pollute our brain and blood with toxins for years and years. Here are the main ‘evil four’ blood vessel clogging culprits to watch out for:

#1. Canola oil – even organic canola coagulates in the body and blood, causing blockages and less blood/nutrients/oxygen to flow. Most other processed oils coagulate eventually, so avoid them when you can.

#2. Heavy metal toxins – consider all the heavy metal toxins we ingest, via mercury and aluminum in vaccines, aluminum in most antacids, and aluminum pots and pans (and foil) that people use to cook. Ever heard of “Mad Hatter Syndrome” from mercury overload?

#3. Saturated animal fat – Yes, meat, eggs, cheese and just about everything dairy – that’s the health downfall of over 250 million Americans who eat them with every meal, causing inflammation, clogging of blood vessels, and eventually, heart attacks, strokes and dementia. It’s the same fat that clogs the veins and capillaries in your brain. The same fat causes strokes. They’re the same saturated fat deposits on the walls of your blood vessels. Plant based diets help prevent this, and according to this new research out of Australia, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical ultrasound treatment can help clear it all out.

#4. Margarine – Oh, deadly margarine. It is not a substitute for butter. It’s a substitute for sanity, as it clogs arteries with its unhealthy combination of trans fats and saturated fats. You’ll find it in millions of American products, like baked goods, muffins, cakes, pastries, and doughnuts (often also called vegetable shortening). It’s super cheap because it makes Big Pharma a fortune when you eat it. It has a longer shelf life than butter, as it shortens human life by causing dementia and strokes.

Covid-19 mRNA vaccines now proven to cause your body to create the plaques, proteins and prions that cause dementia

We have to avoid building up all these plaques. Yet, to the contrary, the Covid vaccines are designed so that the human body now creates millions of proteins (plaques and prions) that may soon CAUSE dementia for those victims who get the whole series of dirty jabs for the lab-made China virus.

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