Mask wearers now feel paranoid, angry, confused and stupid

(Planet Today) Most Americans who like wearing a mask all day because it makes them feel more secure about not catching Covid also enjoy the control factor, where they can hassle the people who aren’t wearing a mask by giving them dirty looks or a verbal assault. If you’ve noticed, there’s also a Blue vs. Red politics game going on with masks, and that is why most of the Blue states are MUCH slower to remove mask mandates. The main problems, however, remain that the masks cause oxygen deprivation and angst, leading to pent up anger, and we all know most of the Trump haters have that going on, big time.

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Now that mask rules are being lifted by the Red States and most big box retailers, even in Blue states, there’s a new reason for the control freaks to feel paranoid, angry, confused and yes, dumb – when they have to look at all the intelligent and healthy people who aren’t wearing masks because we figured out the control scam and “flipped the script.”

Most of the vaccinated sheeple are and will continue to wear their useless, bacteria-laden masks because they’ve been brainwashed into paranoia and hate

Soon, the masks should all have the Biden Regime logo (anything resembling a swastika or communist sickle would be appropriate), because that’s about what it all boils down to. Covid-19 was used as a cover story for tens of millions of falsified mail-in ballots to steal the election, by winning all the swing states. The mask was all about communism, and erasing human expression and collaboration, so nobody can be an individual or communicate about the most insidious health and politics scam ever besieged on a republic.

Now, the vaccinated sheeple are even more stupefied and angry than ever, and then confused and powerless on top of all of that. They just can’t think or feel properly at all, during any part of the day, and now they can’t take it out on the mask-less populace, because those rules are falling apart by the day, everywhere. These mask-wearing libtards are waiting for Fauci, the inventor of Covid-19, to tell them what to do, and their oxygen-deprivation masks are making them lose their minds, slowly but surely.

Science proves that the use of simple face masks (including surgical ones) are insufficient in most “Covid safety” situations, because the Covid virus particles are 5 times smaller than the holes in nearly every mask that nearly every libtard American is still wearing, rendering them worthless at preventing the spread of Covid, whether from the person wearing the mask or from being transferred to them by others.

Vaccinated New Yorkers are still scared to DEATH to take off their masks

Not only are the Covid-19 masks useless and harmful, so are the vaccines. The virus has already morphed into dozens of variants of the Covid-19 strain, so the vaccine is absolutely worthless in that regard. Also, since the vaccines cause the human body to create dangerous proteins and prions, those injected sheeple are already experiencing blood clots, paralysis, blindness, deafness and death – all at staggering numbers that MSM won’t publish.

Author Jim Rickards tweeted Wednesday, “Masks don’t work and never did. States and CDC no longer require them. But, New Yorkers are still wearing masks. A viral crisis is now a mental health crisis, something predicted in Chapter 5 of my new book.” New Yorkers who got the dirty Covid jabs have been authorized by their communist government to ditch the masks, but most are not. The trick was to get all the ‘non-vaxxers’ to vax up in order to be able to take off their masks, but that coercion failed miserably, just like vaccine passports will fail miserably also.

Let’s face it, emotion and trauma will always trump in the news cycle, and that’s what the CCP-Biden-Regime brought to their base of already-brainwashed sheeple. The plandemic bait worked for them, hook-line-and-sinker, but now the tables have turned on the emphatic and dogmatic libtards, and all the health enthusiasts who KNOW the masks were useless, now have the upper hand in function. We can breathe fresh air. We can think. We can see each other’s smiles and expressions. We are human again. We can collaborate and dismantle the hate machine and the plandemic altogether.

Don’t get caught up in the mayhem and insanity of the fake pandemic, the fake race war, the fake gender war, the fake vaccines that don’t stop Covid, but rather create dementia. Tune your internet frequency to for updates on how to prepare and take care of your body and mind with superfoods, supplements and whole organic food right now and during the upcoming communist apocalypse.

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