Indian hospital under investigation for allegedly using gang rape, forced intubation to silence and murder female covid patient

(Planet Today) A shocking report out of the Paras HMRI hospital in Bihar, India gives a morbid glimpse of the deteriorating conditions inside the medical system there. A young woman claims her mother was “gang-raped” by three employees at the hospital and then intubated “to keep her quiet.”

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According to the daughter, her mom “walked into the hospital on her own and despite having symptoms, her health condition was satisfactory.” Instead of being properly treated for her infection on May 15, the 45-year-old woman was sent to the ICU and gang raped on the hospital bed by three male employees. The woman found a way to tell her daughter what the hospital workers did to her between 6 pm of May 16 and 11am of May 17. The daughter immediately reached out to the women’s wing of the Jan Adhikar Party (a political party) and reported the sexual assault. The ICU doctors at Paras HMRI allegedly put the victim on a ventilator to keep her from talking about the sexual assault. Four days later, on May 19, the 45-year-old woman passed away – the victim of a gruesome medical malpractice and wrongful death.

The daughter reported: “They declared her dead. However, I suspect that the doctors intubated her because they wanted her not to record her statement before the police. This hospital should be shut down.”

An investigation is currently underway, with Ramashankar Singh, the Station house officer at Shastrinagar police station leading the way. The National Commission for Women are also investigating and writing to the government of Bihar, with chairperson Rekha Sharma calling on police to investigate the matter. A post mortem investigation is underway to determine whether the mother was sexually assaulted. Duty Magistrate of Patna, ML Khan, said the woman’s body will be investigated for any evidence of foul play.

Efficacious treatments are withheld from covid patients worldwide, as mold infections plague the masked

The hospital listed the woman’s death as “covid-19” even though the hospital killed the woman by refusing her treatment and thrusting her lungs onto a CPAP and then a ventilator. This is a problem that is taking place in hospitals around the world. Furthermore, mucormycosis infections are being listed as covid-19 deaths, as this black mold takes advantage of covid patients who have followed strict masking rules. The masks cultivate the conditions for this black mold. Mucormycosis infections have ballooned from twenty cases per year to several thousand cases after the mask mandate was imposed. Nevertheless, thousands more of these mask-induced respiratory infections get labeled as “covid-19 cases” because they share the same symptoms.

Instead of being treated with effective antivirals like ivermectin, licorice root, chicory, hibiscus, black cumin seed, and sweet wormwood extracts, patients are being cordoned off on ventilators and left to die. Patients could be given immune modulating vitamins like vitamin D, which prevents complications and deaths. Convalescent plasma can give the patient the antibodies they need to recover, too. Patients could be given hydroxychloroquine, quercetin, and zinc, which stops viral replication. Patients could be given oxygenating, nitric oxide-producing supplements (beet root), along with fruits and herbs that promote bronchodilation (pineapple juice, mullein, marshmallow root, lobelia, schisandra berry). Patients could be given nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory plant-based foods that bring down inflammation along the ACE2 receptors and endothelium cells of the cardiovascular system (pomegranate juice, Hawthorne berry, turmeric root). Instead, patients are isolated, medically raped, and maimed on ventilators.

India’s medical system in shambles after mass vaccination campaign, which quickly mutated coronavirus variants

India’s medical system is in shambles, especially after millions of experimental covid-19 vaccines were pumped into the arms of elderly, at-risk villagers who have fragile immune systems. Ever since the vaccine experiment was unleashed in India, hundreds of covid-19 variants have mutated into existence. These mutations are occurring more rapidly, and gaining new infectious traits, taking advantage of the malnourished, immune-compromised population subset. In January, the average daily death rate was contained under 100 people, but it has skyrocketed to over 4,000 deaths per day in April and May — ever since the vaccines were released. The medical system there is failing to treat patients with dignity, and is isolating patients from their family and advocates. This has given rise to abuse and nefarious activity. The depraved medical system is not equipped to properly medicate patients with efficacious antivirals and immune-modulators. Clueless doctors quickly turn to ventilators, which can destroy the patients’ lungs and further injure them with nosocomial infections.

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