Healthcare workers are suffering “full body convulsions” from covid vaccines

(Planet Today) Frontline medical personnel who were injured by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections are finally coming forward to tell all about the horrors they have had to endure.

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Many say that their debilitating health problems came about right after they were jabbed, including “full body convulsions” and other horrific adverse effects that are far worse than anything the virus itself ever could have done.

In an interview with The Highwire‘s Del Bigtree, three women, all of whom were previously pro-vaccine, explained how they now suffer from tremors, memory loss and convulsions due to the shots. All of them are now unable to work or care for themselves.

“I just had mild, flu-like symptoms” soon after taking the first dose of Moderna’s Chinese Virus “vaccine,” explained Shawn Skelton, an Indiana nursing home worker.

Skelton may not have agreed to get the shot at all had she not felt “very pressured” by her employer to get it.

“By the end of the day my legs hurt so bad, my body hurt so bad I couldn’t stand it. The next day I woke up, my tongue was spazzing, and it just went on from there,” Skelton explained about what ensued post-injection.

For the next 13 days after that, Skelton experienced full-body convulsions – watch below:

Angelia Gipson Desselle, a surgery center manager from Louisiana, reported similar adverse effects. She got her Wuhan Flu shot in part to avoid exposing her patients to the virus, though she did not realize at the time that no available injection prevents the spread.

“Within two hours, I started having a severe headache that I knew that was one of the side effects, so I didn’t think that much of it,” Desselle recalled about what the shot did to her.

“Thursday morning, I woke up and I felt really dizzy and almost passed out. The following night, I got out of the bed and I couldn’t feel or use my left leg. And then Saturday morning I got up and I could not use either of my legs, and it eventually was followed by full-body convulsions.”

About two hours after the convulsions started, Desselle’s husband took her to the emergency room where she was transported to a nearby hospital.

“I have literally been shuffled from doctor to doctor … and here I am today still having the same issues.”

While Desselle did not immediately know what was going on the moment the convulsions started, she explained that she knew whatever it was came about because of the injection.

“I was a normal forty-five-year-old healthy person, didn’t take any routine meds on a daily basis. I never in a million years thought I would be like this today.”

How many more people need to become seriously injured before Chinese Virus vaccination is stopped?

Kristi Simmonds, the third woman, worked as a clinical manager at a home health agency. When she got her jab, she developed similar convulsions throughout her body that lasted for many days.

“There was one day where I had 16 back-to-back convulsions,” she revealed, in which “every muscle in my body would tense up and just continuously spasm.”

Ironically, Simmonds had trouble breathing and felt as though she could not fully catch her breath due to the jab.

“Two days later, I was in the E.R. with throat and mouth swelling,” she added.

Simmonds returned to work the following week but began to suffer convulsions that left her “pulled up into a fetal position” at work.

“Now, all three of us sit here today with no job, no income. Our medical bills are stacking up and we still have no answers and no help.”

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