Greg Caton warns the Health Ranger: “End times” global warfare threatens to end the U.S. by 2024

(Planet Today) During his time in Ecuador, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, got to know a man by the name of Greg Caton whom he recently had the chance to catch up with on an episode of Brighteon Conversations. During their chat, the two talked about a coming world war that will result in the destruction of America.

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You may recognize Caton’s name from earlier reports we published about how he was illegally kidnapped and extradited from Ecuador by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for producing an anti-cancer salve that has helped thousands of people naturally recover from skin cancer without the need for chemotherapy or radiation.

Caton is still living in Ecuador today, where he feels it is much safer and presumably freer than the United States these days, especially with the looming threat of World War III and everything that goes along with it.

According to Caton – be sure to watch the full segment below – the U.S. is currently in the final stages of an “end times” global warfare situation that will result in its demise by the year 2024. It was long planned to be this way, he says, and we are already seeing where things are headed with the escalating conflicts in the Middle East and between China and the West.

“People need to dispense with the idea that any of this is accidental,” Caton explained to Adams. “It is a very highly, highly engineered event and I believe that World War III can be traced all the way back to the work of Albert Pike in 1873 when he wrote Morals and Dogmas.”

“The things that we’re seeing now are the culmination of plans that the architects of what we’re seeing today have been working on this for generations,” he added. “The men who conceived of this 100 years ago are long gone dead and buried in the ground, but their vision carried on. And unfortunately that vision has come to us today.”

How can Americans still not see that they are being exterminated?

Another indicator of this right here on our own soil is the Georgia Guidestones, which Caton says are “a map of where they want to take us.” In the end, most people living in America will be dead, sadly, and we are already seeing the beginnings of this with the mass “vaccination” agenda for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

“Where the United States and Western Europe fit into this is just an absolute stunning culling of numbers as it relates to population,” Caton warns. “We’re talking about the engineered demise of 220 million Americans.”

Knowing that he would never again be able to live a normal life in the U.S. after landing on the FDA’s radar for his benevolent work, Caton realized that Ecuador was just a better fit for him. However, he also saw the writing on the wall that this is simply not the place you want to be when things go down in the very near future.

Caton is also bothered by the fact that many Americans still cannot see what is right in front of them. They still believe what the government tells them, and still trust phony “experts” like Anthony Fauci who have been lying to them for, in Fauci’s case, decades about public health issues.

Caton’s insights and reflections are worth your time, so be sure to take some time to watch the conversation and consider what he has to say. This is the final endgame and things are culminating faster than many realize.

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