Green New Deal mastermind claims saving the planet requires total abolition of all police

(Planet Today) The true purpose behind the so-called “Green New Deal” is finally being revealed, and it has nothing to do with saving the planet and its ecosystems.

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Green New Deal mastermind Rhiana Gunn-Wright, director of climate policy at the Roosevelt Institute, says that a big part of achieving “environmental justice” involves dealing with “police brutality,” which she says is an “environmental justice issue.”

“It’s not just about how close or far you are from a fossil fuel facility,” Gunn-Wright admits. “It’s also about what makes up your physical environment, including policing, public safety, education, clean water. All of that is part of a person’s physical environment.”

Gunn-Wright is not actually concerned about simply reforming corrupt police departments, though. Her Green New Deal agenda admittedly aims to abolish all police and institute a system of “community” policing where people basically police themselves.

This will ensure that “black” and “brown” children can not only grow up breathing “toxic air from steel smoke stacks spewing polluted particulates,” to quote a recent Frontline report about the agenda, but also grow up in “a future without police,” which would result in “less crime and more safety.”

“This is the kind of radical imagination at the heart of the abolitionist climate movement,” writes Heather Polk for Frontline.

“The U.S. spends billions on our police forces – dollars that could go toward addressing the root causes of crime, such as poverty and mental health, and toward building sustainable infrastructure.”

The only way to build a “better world” is to have no more police officers – or as Polk puts it, “uprooting injustices at the source” and “investing in what communities need to thrive.”

“That’s what the Green New Deal proposes,” she further admits. “Let’s create an economy that’s beneficial to the people and the planet.”

Abolishing the police is just a cover story for abolishing white people

All of this is of course being accelerated thanks to the George Floyd false flag, which is being used as the scapegoat to completely scrap the current American system in order to replace it with the Green New Deal.

Gunn-Wright told Yessenia Funes during a recent interview that the Floyd incident and several others “reminded” her that “policing is not a system that can be reformed.”

“We have to follow the lead of abolitionists and find a different way of creating and maintaining public safety because this isn’t working,” she added. “This is far from over.”

While millions of Americans were led to believe previously that the Green New Deal was about “free” health care and “affordable” housing, as well as eliminating all gas-powered vehicles and replacing them with electric or solar or something, it would seem as though the true agenda is to reinvent the entire country.

“In almost every way, black communities in particular are put in unjust environments – environments that actively take away from their health, safety, and happiness,” Gunn-Wright stated.

“Thinking about the ways that police are employed to protect capital and to maintain certain people in certain places and in certain positions under the guise of, That’s what keeps people safe – that’s very connected to the climate crisis,” she added.

Many Americans seem to be having trouble reading between the lines as to what is really being said here. While corrupt police departments certainly do need some reform, the ultimate goal is to abolish them entirely because the current system of law and order is a “white” thing, and people like Gunn-Wright want to replace it with “black” things instead – it is really that simple.

To learn more about how the Green New Deal is just a cover for abolishing the police and pushing more anti-white policies into practice, visit

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