FDA ethically obligated to pull covid injections off the market, or risk becoming complicit in crimes against humanity

(Planet Today) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was under intense political pressure to give emergency use authorization (EUA) to three experimental injections manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Now that these experiments have been carried out on roughly one third of the US population, serious issues have emerged.

(Article by Lance D Johnson republished from NaturalNews.com)

A well-cited petition has been filed by Children’s Health Defense and Millions Against Medical Mandates, calling on the FDA to revoke EUAs for all experimental covid vaccines. After a careful review of the evidence, the FDA is ethically obligated to pull covid injections off the market, or the agency and all its affiliates risk becoming complicit in crimes against humanity.

The CDC’s passive vaccine injury surveillance system, VAERS, has managed to capture 192,954 adverse events and 4,057 deaths between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 7, 2021. Similarly, Europe’s vaccine injury surveillance system, EudraVigilance has tallied 405,259 injuries and 10,570 deaths as of May 8, 2021. These crimes against humanity would never have been tolerated decades ago. In 1976, the swine flu vaccine campaign was cut short after thirty deaths and four hundred cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome.

The covid vaccine holocaust is coming to light, despite the censorship

Fact checking organizations that work for the vaccine industry are trying to downplay the hundreds of thousands of vaccine injuries and thousands of premature death reports, claiming that healthcare workers and patients are making their vaccine injuries up, and misleading the public with their exaggerated first-hand experiences.

Even though doctors and patients are heavily discouraged from reporting vaccine injury, the reports are still flooding into the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. One forum on reddit has over 25,000 reports of vaccine injury. Facebook has taken down groups that report on tens of thousands of vaccine injuries. The CDC is now limiting the tracking of “breakthrough” coronavirus infections that occur in fully vaccinated people, to make the shots appear effective.

The authoritarian push for vaccine compliance has led many people to hide their medical issues following vaccination or pretend their week-long sickness after vaccination is somehow a normal part of the scientific process. Some medical professionals still cling to the promise that vaccines are 100 percent safe, while many others are beginning to speak up about the problems they see with vaccinated patients.

Petition calls on FDA to pull disastrous covid vaccines from the market

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Children’s Health Defense have joined up with Millions Against Medical Mandates, challenging healthcare practitioners, military members and others to speak out to the FDA. Children’s Health Defense has filed a petition on behalf of the American people, calling on the FDA to revoke the EUAs and immediately remove covid vaccines from the market.

The petition states: “FDA should revoke all EUAs and refrain from approving any future EUA, NDA [new drug application] or BLA [biologics license application] for any COVID vaccine for all demographic groups because the current risks of serious adverse events or deaths outweigh the benefits, and because existing, approved drugs provide highly effective prophylaxis and treatment against COVID, mooting the EUAs.”

Now is the time to speak up to the FDA, to stop the vaccine propaganda and predatory coercion. The industry has already begun to target children, with no data to justify it. The petition cites that children are at low risk to covid infection, and it calls on the FDA to revoke all EUAs that allow pharmaceutical companies to experiment on children under age 18.

The petition also urges the FDA to revoke its recommendation to inoculate pregnant women with the experimental vaccines. The petition includes seventy-two references to support the request for revocation and to stop the fraudulent marketing of COVID vaccines as “safe and effective.”

“Pending revocation of COVID vaccine EUAs, FDA should issue guidance that all marketing and promotion of COVID vaccines must refrain from labeling them “safe and effective,” as such statements violate 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3,” the petition states.

The FDA is now ethically obligated to protect Americans and pull covid injections off the market, or risk becoming complicit in crimes against humanity. This historic petition is available for review and comment.

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