Evil CNN urges employers to coerce their own employees into taking vaccine shots

(Planet Today) As America inches closer towards about half of the country being either partially or fully “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), CNN is scheming up new ways to push us over the edge, including a proposal that all private sector employees who refuse the jab be terminated.

(Article by Ethan Huff republished from NaturalNews.com)

CNN‘s Michael Smerconish, host of the Saturday “Smerconish” show, told the dozen-or-so people who actually tune in that the government needs to come up with a “bigger carrot” or “stick” to convince more Americans to get jabbed.

“Twenty-six percent of Americans said they will not get the vaccine, and among Republicans that number is 44 percent,” Smerconish lamented. “That’s scary. Those folks jeopardize our ability to get to herd immunity faster.”

Even though the so-called “vaccines” admittedly do not prevent infection with or spread of the Chinese Virus, Smerconish wants his viewers to think that getting injected will somehow save us all from certain death – but only if everyone agrees to the jab.

“If … encouragement fails, there is also the stick, which could be wielded by government and the private sector,” Smerconish suggested. “Businesses have particular leverage.”

In a threatening tone, Smerconish further added during the segment that the plandemic will assuredly go on for “years” unless more Americans comply with the government’s demands that they roll up their sleeves and have their DNA permanently modified.

“If we don’t get vaccinated and periodically boosted, we could prolong the pandemic and find ourselves continuing to fight this battle for years when we have the medical intervention to get back to living our normal lives in a matter of months,” he further fearmongered.

Don’t want to get vaccinated? Then you can just die, Smerconish says

If nonstop prodding and goading is ineffective, Smerconish suggests having large corporations force their employees and even their customers into getting injected. He also wants all travel to be halted until more people agree to obey.

“If you want to convince the unvaccinated to do their part, is the best approach to show them that those who have had their shots are still wearing masks, or would displays of our forgone freedoms in a pre-Covid world be more effective messaging?” Smerconish fantasized. “That’s the carrot.”

“But if this sort of encouragement fails, there’s also the stick, which could be wielded by the government and the private sector,” he added.

“Businesses have particular leverage, as they can require employees to get vaccinations and restrict public access to private spaces like airlines, mass transit, most sporting and cultural venues, restaurants, and movie theaters.”

This is hardly the first time that CNN has shilled for the vaccine industry. Back in 2018, the fake news giant intentionally skewed the findings of a paper to suggest that childhood vaccines do not cause autism.

CNN has never met an injection that it did not want to be forcibly syringed into every person’s body, it turns out. If Big Pharma says it is good and for your benefit, then CNN wants you to get it at gunpoint, if necessary.

“People like [Smerconish] need to be held down and have all the ‘vaccines’ injected into them all at once,” wrote one Inforwars commenter. “Seems like it would be a fun experiment.”

“The jab is not a vaccine but gene modification,” wrote another, emphasizing that the ethos of “my body, my choice” has been completely discarded by leftists ever since the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) reared its ugly head.

“It may kill you as it has 3,5000 people in the U.S. so far, according to a CDC report.” But hey, you’ll be doing your part.

To keep up with the latest about the mainstream media’s never-ending Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) fearmongering, be sure to check out MedicalViolence.com

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