Dr. Fauci funds the organ trafficking of aborted babies, helping researchers graft baby scalps onto rodents

(Planet Today) Under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) has engaged in the most unethical, Machiavellian research of the 21st century. This research rivals the work of Dr. Mengele, who led horrifying medical experiments on twins to help the Nazis justify the Holocaust.

(Article by Lance D Johnson republished from NaturalNews.com)

For years, Fauci was the point-man for coronavirus gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China. Working with Peter Daszak at Eco Health Alliance, Fauci sent millions in taxpayer money to Chinese virologists to advance virus chimera research that was previously banned in the US. This unethical research was justified to develop new vaccines for the world. Now, Fauci is part of a global push to restrict human freedoms, holding people down until they submit to mRNA biohacking vaccines.

But that’s not all of Fauci’s Machiavellian ways…

Fauci is funding the fetal organ trafficking industry, helping create human-rodent chimeras

Developing virus chimeras that exploit humans isn’t the only sadistic research that Fauci helped advanced in the 21st century. An investigation by the Center for Medial Progress (CMP) finds that Fauci also helped fund university-level research that harvests live livers and scalps from aborted babies. The NIAID uses taxpayer money to essentially fund the fetal organ trafficking industry, while procuring fetal organs for the creation of human-rodent chimeras.

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have been attaching aborted baby scalps to mice torsos to conduct medical experiments on human immune systems. These acts are crimes against humanity, as aborted babies are carefully selected and strategically harvested to create chimeras for medical experiments. Does this morose immune system research coincide with the gain-of-function virus research that was used to exploit humans and develop vaccines? Afterall, aborted fetal cells are used in vaccine research.

“The University of Pittsburgh is a hub for some of the most barbaric experiments carried out on late term aborted human infants — experiments funded by the United States government,” explains the narrator in the CMP video testimony. “At the same time, the University sponsors the local Planned Parenthood abortion business in what looks like an illegal quid-pro-quo for fetal body parts.”

With grants from Fauci, the University of Pittsburgh works with Planned Parenthood to harvest organs from live babies

The University of Pittsburgh is now revealed as a central hub for human rights abuses, where the trafficking and experimentation of aborted baby organs takes place in the light of day. This operation is taking place because the university received a large grant from Dr. Fauci’s office. The macabre research was revealed in an undercover sting operation by investigative journalist, David Daleiden. His testimony, brought before the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, exposes Fauci-sponsored experimentation on aborted baby parts.

The video reveals evidence from within the University of Pittsburgh. The university researchers developed a protocol to harvest the “freshest, most pristine livers from five-month-old aborted babies in order to isolate massive numbers of stem cells for experimental transplantation into adults.” Footage shows University of Pittsburgh researchers poking and prodding an aborted baby to test reflexes and make sure the baby is still alive for organ procurement. Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania is under federal investigation for using abortion doctors at the University of Pittsburgh to maintain a steady supply of fetal organs and tissues.

During the live abortion procedure, a premature baby is carefully selected for a “labor induction.” The baby, still attached to the umbilical cord, is cut open, and abortion specialists extract the live liver. This protocol was funded by a $3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health. The NIH also funneled the university another $1.4 million from the GUDMAP project to continue trafficking aborted fetal kidneys that the NIH needed in order to continue grotesque fetal tissue research across the United States.

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