Covid vaccine bioweapons attack male fertility, too

(Planet Today) The synthetic “spike” proteins generated by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are capable of harming not just women’s reproductive organs but also men’s, warns Dr. Roger Hodkinson of Western Medical Assessments.

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In a recent interview, Dr. Hodkinson explained that there is now “sufficient evidence in the literature” to suggest that vaccine spike proteins express themselves both in the placenta and the testes. For pregnant women, this could mean a terminated pregnancy. For men, it could spell the end of having children altogether.

As for Prince Harry and other “celebrities” encouraging people to go out and get jabbed, Dr. Hodkinson says these people have “nothing between [their] ears” and should be ignored as clueless.

Dr. Hodkinson is a pathologist who has been studying virology, infectious disease and evidence-based medicine for many years. He was educated at the University of Cambridge and University College Hospital Medical School in London before moving to Canada in 1970 and training at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Hodkinson gained worldwide popularity last fall when he appeared at a meeting of the Edmonton City Council to decry a proposed plan to extend a Chinese Virus mask mandate. In his speech, he called the plandemic “the biggest hoax perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.”

Since then, Dr. Hodkinson has come out full blast in condemnation of Chinese Virus injections, urging an immediate halt to their continued rollout. People who get the jabs are going to regret it, he warns, because many, if not all, of them will lose their reproductive capacity.

“I’m a serious evidence-based career pathologist who has done everything in pathology at national and provincial levels and I take evidence-based science very, very seriously,” he stated at the meeting.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m none of the above. But when I see certain things in the literature that could – underlined – have serious potential long-term sequelae, I think it’s my duty to stand up and blow the whistle and say, ‘Hey, stop the train, have you seen this? It needs to be looked at.’ I hope it’s wrong but show me the data.”

Legitimate vaccine trials would have taken four years, not six months

The data Dr. Hodkinson was referring to pertains to the expression of the ACE2 receptor in both the placenta and the testes. Excess spike proteins circulating in both – caused by the vaccine – inhibits reproductive function, science has discovered, potentially leading to infertility and sterility.

“And that circulation takes the spike protein everywhere, including the placenta of women who happen to be pregnant at the time, which is a one-time hit for that particular pregnancy, probably not for subsequent ones,” Dr. Hodkinson says. “But there is also potential for a hit on the testes, which of course is not a one-time hit, it could be a permanent hit.”

“In a world where we know that sperm counts have dropped 40 per cent over the last 10 or 20 years – a massive unexplained drop in sperm counts – we don’t need some additional hits on male fertility.”

Simply put, the six-month trials conducted by Big Pharma to test these injections is not even close to being enough to determine whether or not the jabs cause infertility. Dr. Hodkinson says two to four years is a minimum trial window for determining the true effects of experimental injections.

Injecting children, especially, with the shots is a crime against humanity, he contends, calling it “obscene.” Not only do children have almost zero risk of contracting or spreading the Chinese Virus, but the shots will more than likely damage them more than they will adults.

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