Coronavirus injections are an extinction-level event

(Planet Today) In case you have not noticed, the “old normal” is never coming back now that the globalists have tipped the dominoes to usher in the “new normal.” What comes next is a man-made extinction-level event (ELE) that will eventually depopulate the world to minimal levels.

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Complicit in this conspiracy are bioterrorists from the government, large corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), secret societies and terrorist organizations such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), all of which are working in cahoots to kill as many people as possible with deadly “vaccines” and other fake medical interventions.

Going beyond the Chinese origins of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) itself, of more pressing concern are the injections being widely dispensed that are reprogramming human DNA and turning people into walking spike protein factories. This is an irreversible phenomenon with deadly implications in the longer term.

“Now that the dangerous and deadly COVID-19 vaccines have gained widespread use, the swiftly evolving worldwide regime defined by the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda will contribute markedly to the ELE,” warns The Millennium Report.

“Because of the RNA and DNA altering aspects of the Covid injections, these ‘vaccinations’ cannot be undone. Consequently, those vaccinated individuals will either succumb to the ELE or become severely incapacitated to the point of becoming a great burden to their caretakers.”

To learn more about the ELE being brought about by the widespread administration of Wuhan Flu shots, visit

Chinese Virus injections are designed to kill you when the time is right

The five key elements to the ELE are the Chinese Virus bioweapon and its associated “variants,” chemical-biological aerosols being sprayed in the skies, the military deployment of 5G energy weapons, the annual “flu vaccine” program, and the injection of stealth Chinese Virus bioweapons.

All of these elements are working together to kill off the vast majority of the world’s population, leaving behind a much smaller slave class that will cater to every whim of the “elite” class. This is all in motion and taking place right before our very eyes.

According to The Millennium Report, the most important element, and the last to be deployed, is the almighty Chinese Virus injection. This quaternary weapon system is being tested in various forms all around the world from various drug manufacturers with different results.

It would appear as though the globalists are testing the lethality of one jab over another to figure out which one needs to be elevated to the top of the heap as the most effective at killing off the most people.

“Coronavirus COVID-19, 5G 60 GHz millimeter wave, chemtrail-disseminated ‘smart dust’ and vaccine-delivered digitized RNA are mutually intensifying quaternary weapons deliberately launched and coordinated to shut down a targeted city or nation, commit genocide, depopulate and / or trigger an ELE,” the report further explains.

DARPA-Big Pharma bioengineers keep themselves busy reformulating “vaccines” to make them progressively more deadly. This is what the upcoming “boosters” are for, which have absolutely nothing to do with protecting people against Chinese Virus “variants.”

The whole thing is a depopulation scam that, sadly, millions of Americans are buying into hook, line and sinker without a second thought. On the flip side, there does appear to be a majority, at least currently, that is just saying no to the jab, no matter the pressure imposed on them.

Will it be enough to stop this heinous scheme? Unfortunately, said scheme is already in motion and will only progress with time. The endgame is total enslavement of the planet under a medical-fascist police state, which we are already seeing take shape right in front of us.

Check out The Millennium Report to learn more.

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