CLAIM: Moderna CEO has direct ties to Wuhan lab where covid is believed to have “escaped”

(Planet Today) Stephane Bancel, the current CEO of Moderna, has a dark and shady past that includes questionable involvement with communist China and its bioweapons programs.

Independent journalist Jordan Schachtel released a series of tweets explaining how Bancel used to be the CEO of a company called bioMerieux, which was founded by Alain Merieux, a personal friend of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Merieux helped build the level-four biosafety laboratory in Wuhan where the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is believed to have originated.

Considering Moderna had a “vaccine” ready and waiting right when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) first publicized the gene sequence for the Chinese Virus, Schachtel believes that the company deserves more scrutiny for its clear connections to the Chinese regime.

Prior to the “pandemic,” Moderna had brought a total of zero products to market. Then the Wuhan Flu comes along and, poof, a “miracle” mRNA (messenger RNA) injection was already available and ready for emergency use authorization (EUA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the rest of the global pharmaceutical cabal.

“Prior to mRNA vax, Moderna was on its way to becoming the next Theranos,” Schachtel tweeted.

Theranos, by the way, was a fraudulent company hatched by feminist entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes that faked its way into the global spotlight, only to later be exposed as a scam.

“[Moderna] had billions of $$$ in fundraising thanks to hype, but no functioning products,” Schachtel added about Moderna, highlighting parallels to the Theranos fiasco. “We are now supposed to believe [Moderna] solved it (the Chinese Virus plandemic) in a matter of hours, after a decade of failures.”

Fauci, Gates both have financial ties to Moderna

Merieux, it turns out, received a prestigious award from the CCP at a 2018 event attended by Xi. BioMerieux was praised by the communist regime for its contributions to China’s “public health” efforts, which included the creation of the high-security P4 laboratory that opened in Wuhan four years prior.

Bancel, meanwhile, continued to serve on the board of Foundation Merieux, a non-profit organization associated with bioMerieux, even after leaving the latter to join up with Moderna.

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates, by the way, are both financially vested in Moderna, and both have profited heavily from the plandemic over the past year.

Many “elites” had, and continue to have, a vested interest in the plandemic, which has destroyed countless small businesses while massively enriching the .01 percent. This and global depopulation appear to be the two primary goals of the Chinese Virus false flag event.

The narrative is quickly falling apart, though, as people everywhere wake up to the reality that they were lied to and scammed by these crooks. And as much as some readers refuse to acknowledge it, Donald Trump is also complicit as he was responsible for creating and launching “Operation Warp Speed” in the first place.

“It’s a coup, it’s a regime change,” tweeted one user in response to Schachtel’s revelations.

“It’s fraud, it’s crimes against humanity, genocide. It’s a power grab, transfer of wealth, economic warfare. It’s lies, deceit, it’s the rounding up and enslavement of people. It’s theft of rights and freedoms … it’s not a pandemic.”

Naturally, the left-wing fascists of Twitter also chimed in about how Schachtel’s extensively cited information is just a wild “conspiracy theory.” Yes, there are actually still people out there who believe that the Wuhan Flu is a serious threat, and who trust the government to inject them with experimental poisons in order to keep them “safe” from Chinese Germs.

If only there was a cure for stupidity.

Had communist China not terrorized the world with crippling fear, Moderna never would have sold its jabs

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is starting to pivot on the plandemic narrative, now admitting that the Chinese Virus may have come from the Wuhan lab built by bioMerieux.

Schachtel says that while this is certainly an important topic, it is “still secondary to the real smoking gun in this story – how China weaponized the narrative to sow worldwide terror.”

Had the communist Chinese regime not been given a global platform to spread terror and fear all around the world, corporations like Moderna never would have had the opportunity to peddle their experimental “medicines” through Operation Warp Speed.

“The virus was not the cause for global catastrophe,” Schachtel contends. “It was the response to the virus that crippled the global economy and our society. The disease was not nearly as damaging as the ‘cure’ for the disease.”

Many agree, having seen evidence repeatedly that the response to the perceived threat is what destroyed the world, not the threat itself. Relentless propaganda, complicit corporations, and corrupt government officials were the real virus all along.

“Lockdowns were the real killer,” one person on Twitter wrote, along with a graph showing that the death count massively spiked after Gates and Fauci told everyone to stay home in order to “stay safe.”

Others pointed out that China should not receive the blame for this when it was Fauci and other deep state entities right here in the United States that paid for gain of function research to be conducted in China in the first place.

“Stop blaming China for the decisions taken by Western heads of governments,” one wrote. “Hold them accountable. Nobody forced them.”

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