Big Tech is now censoring God’s words

(Planet Today) Conservative social media personality Daniel Lee had been censored by Rumble over his video posts centered on a controversial verse from the Holy Bible.

The verse in question was Leviticus 20:13, which states: “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them.”

“It’s a very controversial law,” Lee said during his May 6 podcast. “It’s a very good and awesome law. Apparently Rumble didn’t like that.”

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Rumble sent Lee an email on May 5, saying that two of his videos violated the platform’s policy standards. Those videos had been removed.

“YouTube has already censored me, and now Rumble,” Lee said. “Because Rumble, just like YouTube, hates God’s laws. And I love God’s laws. I promote the laws of Jesus Christ, including Leviticus 20:13.”

Rumble also warned Lee that he will lose his account if he commits another violation.

Lee condemned his trolls that reported his videos to Rumble.

“You are opposing not just me. You’re opposing God and His law, specifically Leviticus 20:13,” he said. “All the other trolls who claimed to be Christians and attacking me, you’re aligning with people who are attacking Leviticus 20:13. Think about that.”

When one door closes, another opens

Lee is now planning to phase out his account on Rumble and transfer to a new social media platform called “Frank,” short for

Frank was launched Monday, May 10, at Mitchell’s Corn Palace with nearly 1,700 people in attendance.

The man behind the new site, My Pillow CEO and Minnesota native Mike Lindell, led the launching and presentation of the platform. Lindell said his new social media platform is needed because of the suppression of the truth by the media and the cancel culture.

Radio talk show hosts Joe Piscopo, Eric Metaxas and Brannon Howse joined Lindell at the event, while Ben Carson, the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, spoke to the crowd via video.

Lindell’s new social media platform can be found at Lee will be one of the new platform’s influencers. All people that will subscribe to Frank will be instantly subscribed to Lee’s account.

“The cool thing about it is I think I will have the capability of block controls. All those trolls will be a distant memory,” Lee said.

Ex-gay tosses $150,000 homosexual engagement ring into Pacific Ocean

On Lee’s May 6 podcast, he shared news about ex-gay Milo Yiannopoulos tossing his four-carat, $150,000 homosexual engagement ring into the depths of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

“My checking account has about $800 in it right now, and the last ten years have exhausted my savings. But this is something I had to do,” wrote Yiannopoulos on his YouTube posting.

Yiannopoulos, a far-right pundit and former Breitbart editor, called the ring the “Sodomy Stone.” 

“The more I looked at this gigantic, four-carat money pit, the more I thought, ‘this is a perfect example of some of the lies I bought into in my previous life,'” he said. “For example, I bought into the lie that I could be a rabid culture warrior for the right, and a sodomite, at the same time. I can’t.”

Yiannopoulis had originally hoped to cast his “Sodomy Stone” into an active volcano, but that plan turned out to be unfeasible.

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what’s real and not real in my life, and about the trappings of my former life that would be a good idea to get rid of,” Yiannopoulis said. “I’ve prayed, drunk an enormous amount of vodka, and reminded myself that nothing beautiful and true can be made or grow on a foundation of wickedness.”

Yiannopoulos made a surprising revelation in March when he told LifeSiteNews that he is now “ex-gay” and devoting his life to St. Joseph.

“It feels as though a veil has been lifted in my house – like there’s something more real and honest going on than before. It’s been a gradual uncovering, rather than a dramatic reveal. Maybe that lack of theater or spectacle is a sign the gay impulses truly are receding,” said Yiannopoulos. “I don’t mean to suggest it’s been easy, just simple: Our Lord endured worse than any of us.”

Yiannopoulos said the best advice he can give others in a similar situation is to check their pride.

“So often it’s vanity or conceit or self-satisfaction that gets in the way of accepting Christ. Learn to catch it before it takes root, and difficult things suddenly don’t seem so difficult,” he said.

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