Big Abortion wants baby murder clinics on every street corner

(Planet Today) Big Government and Big Pharma have become household names around here, but what about Big Abortion? It turns out that the abortion industry is rapidly franchising in an attempt to make baby murder as easy and available as popping in to a corner convenience store for a hot dog.

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These “reproductive health clinics,” as they are calling them, are already a mainstay here in the United States – think Planned Parenthood – but what about in the Third World? The abortion industry is focusing its sights on places like India where women are already being tricked into getting sterilized. Now they will be able to stop by to grab an abortion on the way to the grocery store.

According to reports, governments in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry are developing sophisticated social marketing campaigns to “create demand” for population control. They are also underwriting anti-child advertisements in the mass media under the guise of promoting “maternal health.”

“The governments partner with major population control players like Population Services International (PSI), International Planned Parenthood Federation, DKT International and others,” reports the Population Research Institute (PRI).

“Such groups come loaded with lots of foreign aid, prepared to sell the anti-child message, train the ‘providers’ and regulate the resulting franchises.”

Pritpal Marjara, the managing director of PSI-India, told PRI in an interview that he and other anti-child activists “create the demand” and “also have the products to supply it.” Marjara has about 15 years of experience marketing anti-people products for profit.

Mass death is what the globalists crave

PSI, which is based out of Washington, D.C., has been the frontrunner in franchise population control for many years. It was founded in 1970 by Philip D. Harvey, who started one of the biggest erotic retailers in the world. To this day, Harvey is one of the leading producers of pornography.

PSI currently has an annual budget of around $683 million. The group is currently working to undermine fertility in some 70 different countries.

Back in 1991, PSI launched a large-scale birth control franchise in Pakistan called Greenstar. Since then, PSI has trained more than 24,000 “providers” to operate about 7,000 different Greenstar clinics throughout the country.

“It offers condoms, IUDs, abortifacient emergency contraception, implants and sterilizations to low-income women, baiting them into the clinics by means of a ‘voucher scheme,'” reports PRI.

Since Pakistan is largely Muslim, and thus unapproving of abortion, Greenstar does not mention this product in the country. It does, however, openly provide abortions in neighboring India.

Marjara calls them “safe” abortions, and says PSI offers them at clinics both in India and around the world. In India, the world’s most populous country, PSI works closely with the government to recruit and train new abortion providers.

Currently, there are 1,000 private providers in 30 districts throughout India. Some 180 million condoms are sold annually, along with 200,000 monthly doses of oral contraceptives and 300,000 IUD implants.

You can learn more about PSI, Phil Harvey, and their depopulation agenda at this link.

Much of the abortion industry hates women and wants them dead

PSI has worked out a cozy situation for itself in which the franchises it oversees are fractional, meaning PSI does not own them. Instead, PSI trains and provides “assurance” for these providers, if they choose to accept it.

In India, this is important because the country tends to frown upon forced sterilization, which is one of the services that PSI providers. By pretending to be loosely affiliated with the sterilization agenda, PSI has successfully gained the trust of Indians who believe that it merely provides “maternal health care.”

“This is a win-win situation for PSI and the franchisee. PSI can claim to have nothing to do with coerced sterilizations (or other violations of human rights), while the clinics can operate without much oversight and with generous subsidies from unsuspecting taxpayers,” reports PRI.

“The big losers are the women who get whack-and-hack tubal ligations that a North American veterinarian wouldn’t do to a dog.”

PSI has numerous tricks up its sleeve to trick as many people as possible into murdering their unborn children or sterilizing themselves, regardless of their respective countries’ rules on such things. Because sterilization is unpopular in India, for instance, PSI came up with a new scheme called “birth spacing” that similarly helps to reduce population numbers.

The government of India, which has publicly renounced sterilization, now pays on-the-ground “motivators” to recruit people for IUD use, which PSI says provides “better maternal care.”

Marjara and his fellow eugenicists basically lie to expectant mothers about the “high mortality” that comes with having a home birth. Once in the hospital, these women are forcibly sterilized after giving birth to the child.

Much like how it is in communist China, India often selectively aborts baby girls because they are less “desirable” than baby boys. If they still somehow end up being born, little girls are either forced into early marriage or offered up to the Hindu goddess Yellamma as “devadasis,” or lifetime prostitutes.

“Population control franchises that effectively neuter women play into this anti-female mentality,” reveals PRI. “Rape is, after all, the country’s fastest growing crime. And what is an IUD insertion under duress but a kind of rape?”

Be sure to read the full report from PRI about the horrors taking place at the hands of baby killers disguised as “women’s health care” providers.

You can also access more related news about depopulation efforts all around the world by checking out

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