BEYOND STUPID: Some people who obsess over organics, avoiding GMOs, pesticides and glyphosate, are now taking the experimental covid vaccine and think it’s awesome

(Planet Today) In the latest example of mind-numbing stupidity, some people who obsess over eating organic foods, avoiding pesticides and meticulously reading ingredient labels on foods are gleefully signing up to be injected with billions of spike proteins found in the experimental covid vaccines now authorized by the FDA for “emergency use” only.

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In other words, some of the very same people who go to extraordinary lengths to keep their blood free from pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, heavy metals and harmful ingredients — like hydrogenated oils, MSG, artificial colors, etc. — think nothing of flooding their bloodstream with weaponized spike proteins that even the pro-vaccine Salk Institute openly admits cause vascular damage (and blood clots).

REMEMBER: The same media that claims vaccines are safe also says pesticides and herbicides are safe.

If you’re smart enough to know the media is in the pocket of the Big Ag chemical giants (like Bayer), you should also be smart enough to realize the media is in the pocket of Big Pharma and the vaccine industry (like Pfizer).

Covid vaccines are causing widespread blood clots and deaths

Covid vaccines recently caused Eric Clapton (the musician) to experience weeks of tingling, numbness and loss of use of his hands and feet — all symptoms that would be caused by blood clots. Left-wing propagandist Chelsea Handler also reports the covid vaccine caused her to temporarily lose hearing in one ear, which can also be caused by blood clots. Tens of thousands of Americans have likely already been killed by blood caused stemming from covid vaccines, which cause heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary embolisms that are often fatal. Here’s a 21-year-old medical student who died just one day after taking the J&J vaccine.

Yet somehow, some of the very same people who are meticulous about eating organic think it’s perfectly acceptable to flood their body with unknown toxic ingredients that may kill them.

Seriously, it’s a cult. And the cult members even have a uniform: The mask!

If you take the covid vaccine, you might as well start eating at McDonald’s

If you’re going to take experimental covid vaccines that are loaded with deadly spike proteins, you might as well stop worrying about eating organic. You should roll through the McDonald’s drive through window and snarf down as many Big Macs as you can handle, and maybe even go back to drinking Woka-Cola.

Hilariously, the CDC is actually partnering with McDonald’s to put pro-vaccine messages on McDonald’s coffee cups. It makes sense, of course: Anyone stupid enough to repeatedly eat breakfast at McDonald’s is also probably stupid enough to believe the CDC’s vaccine propaganda. They’ve actually done their market research in this case.

But to informed people, vaccines are the “junk food” of medicine.

There’s really no point in avoiding toxic chemicals in the food supply if you’re going to inject toxic chemicals directly into your body. In fact, it’s beyond stupid to do so.

Be consistent! If your personal philosophy is to avoid exposing your body to potentially harmful substances in your diet, then apply the same thinking to your health care, too. You wouldn’t eat a grocery store food item that refused to disclose its ingredients, so why are you taking a vaccine shot that won’t disclose its ingredients and has never been approved by the FDA?

Bottom line: If you’re going to take the covid shot, you might as well have a glyphosate-drizzled bag of donuts made with high-fructose corn syrup and partially-hydrogenated soybean oil harvested from farm fields created by clear cutting the Amazonian rainforest with diesel-chugging bulldozers. Because no amount of avoiding artificial colors and aspartame is going to make up for the mass poisoning of your body with a covid vaccine bioweapon that causes vascular damage and blood clots.

I even hastily recorded a hilariously crappy rap song about this. Listen and share, if you dare:

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