Beware the financial FALLOUT from the vaccine bioweapons death wave… collapse of tax revenues, pensions, real estate values and the dollar all inevitable

(Planet Today) It’s one thing to be aware of the covid vaccine death wave that has been engineered to exterminate billions of human beings on planet Earth, but it’s another thing entirely to consider the financial ramifications if the vaccine-pushing globalists manage to achieve their genocidal goals. The sudden depopulation of any economy has almost unfathomable long-term financial consequences, even for those who manage to survive the culling.

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It’s not just the elderly entitlement recipients who will be killed off, either: The hyperinflammatory reaction wave of the covid vaccine will almost certainly kill middle-aged and young individuals, much like what happened in the second year of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Those with more active immune systems are the very people who are more prone to suffering hyperinflammatory reactions upon exposure to wild-type pathogens, especially when their own immune systems have been “pathogenically primed” by the vaccine to cause a fatal overreaction.

Once the vaccine death wave accelerates — and it’s already happening in India — cities, states and entire nations are going to find themselves losing their tax farms of producers, and they will quickly face their own death wave crisis as obedient government workers who run the bureaucracy start to die off. (Whether they will be missed or not is up to you…)

It’s rather obvious that the current size and scale of government at every level — local, state, national — will be gutted both in terms of its finances and personnel. Government will shrink… or better stated, it will collapse. Some nations will not emerge from this with their national sovereignty intact. In response, fake president Biden will push the printing presses into overdrive and crank out another $5 – $10 trillion in bailout money in a last-ditch desperate maneuver to salvage Big Government at every level… and this may be the final straw that breaks the waning global faith in the dollar, which will be abandoned everywhere.

Why would the globalist tax farmers who enslave humanity want to cull their own herds? Because the tax farm confiscation phase of their planetary exploitation is over. That phase began with the industrial revolution and has ended in 2021. They no longer need human labor, human consumers, human voters or human beings in any form. They now see humans as their enemies, and they are determined to exterminate as many billions as they can. From their point of view, it is rather fortunate that about half the humans on planet Earth are so stupid and oblivious to reality that they will beg to be exterminated and actually thank their captors for euthanasia shots mislabeled “vaccines.” Classic Stockholm syndrome.

It is with some sense of relief, however, that the very people screaming in your face about wearing masks and getting vaccinated have selected themselves for extermination. Their insane cult-like screaming won’t be missed, for certain.

The genocidal vaccine death wave allows globalists to blame their “great reset” on the pandemic

The tactical reasoning behind all this, from the point of view of anti-human globalists, is that they will be able to crash the fiat currencies of the world and blame it all on covid. Notice that the crash of the dollar is effectively a way for central banks and corrupt governments to confiscate all dollar-denominated assets, all at once.

Explanation: If you think you have $100,000 in the bank — denominated in dollars — and then you wake up one day and the dollar is worth zero, what has happened to your assets? Those assets have been effectively stolen by the central banks and government crooks who crashed the dollar. They will likely roll out a mark-of-the-beast crypto wallet and force you into their new digital system where they monitor and track all your expenditures. This “great reset” means resetting all the assets of the common people back to zero.

If your assets are currently held in dollars, then you are the “common people,” and you will be led to the slaughter.

The informed survivors of all this are stacking physical gold and silver coins. Some have been purchasing land, but as I explain today, land is now wildly inflated in most areas, meaning is now makes more sense to stack precious metals today, then plan to trade those coins for land in the future, after the dollar collapses.

Understand that the covid plandemic and the global reset fiat currency collapse are all just different phases of a nefarious plan to enslave or exterminate the entire human race. The covid vaccine kills off the oblivious without ever having to force them into death camps at gunpoint, and the fiat currency collapse enslaves anybody smart enough to survive the vaccine genocide.

How to be among the very few survivors, with both your health and wealth intact

I cover all this in today’s Situation Update podcast, with a bonus report (below) about gold, silver and land.

The short conclusion in all this is that survivors will be people who:

  1. Avoid the deadly vaccine.
  2. Transfer their assets into precious metals or physical assets that hold value.

Yet the average American — soon to be either impoverished or dead — is taking the vaccine and trusting the dollar. They will be murdered by both the medical system and the central bank debt system, proving that being uninformed in today’s dangerous world is nearly equivalent to being suicidal.

Only those who have real knowledge will survive this, and Big Tech makes sure that all legitimate, truthful knowledge is banned.

Listen to my full Situation Update podcast to learn the truth that may save your life and save your assets:

And here’s a special report (about 20 minutes) on gold, silver and land: Guess which one of these is overpriced?

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