Ancient drawings depicting aliens: the Wandjina of Western Australia

Wanjina are spirits of clouds and rain from Australian Aboriginal mythology and are often depicted in Australian rock art.

Another closely related spiritual entity is the creator being Wungurr, a creature similar to the Rainbow Serpent in the belief systems of other Aboriginal peoples, but with a different interpretation.

Wanjin’s paintings share common colors: black, red and yellow on a white background. Spirits are depicted singly or in groups, vertically or horizontally, depending on the size of the rock, and are sometimes depicted with figures and objects, such as a rainbow serpent.

The usual composition is with a large upper body and head, on which eyes and nose may be visible, but usually no mouth. There are two explanations for this: they are so powerful that they don’t need speech, and if they had a mouth, the rain would never stop.

Around Wanjin’s heads are lines or blocks of color depicting light coming out of the transparent helmets.

Today, paintings are still considered to have this power, so they should be approached and treated with respect.

The most visually striking ancient Aboriginal paintings can be found in the Kimberley area of Western Australia. In addition to their striking resemblance to modern depictions of aliens, the Wanjin figures also have an interesting history.

Because of their proximity to South Asia, it is likely that Australian Aborigines settled in the Kimberley region as early as 70,000 years ago. Their mythology is rich and interesting both in terms of characters and events, and the legends associated with Wanjina are a very interesting topic.

According to the legend, the Wanjins created the world and everything in it during the period which the natives call the time of dreams. According to legend, they came from beyond the stars, acted as civilizing gods, and taught the natives their way of life.

After completing their work, the Wanjins left. According to some stories, they returned to their home, somewhere in the Milky Way. According to an alternate scenario, the Wanjin drew their likeness on the surface of the rock shelters before entering the rocks themselves.

The natives hold these drawings in high esteem and keep them with a sense of sacred duty.

These drawings show the Wanjin as majestic and strange creatures, usually painted on a white background. Their faces are surrounded by an oval band with outward lines that resemble the helmet of a space humanoid.

They always have large black eyes and a nose, but never a mouth. According to legend, the Wanjins never resorted to speech, as they transmitted their will directly into the minds of their subjects. Telepathic abilities?

The Wanjin drawings in Western Australia are not the only ones of their kind. Similar ancient drawings have been found in Indian caves, throughout South America, and in many regions of Africa.

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