A real look at the impact of those darned “plagues” and “pandemics” of the last 12 years

(Planet Today) The only way to sell Americans on getting so many dirty vaccines, year in and year out, is through a massive fear mongering campaign, hosted by the CDC and mass media everywhere. The problem is that it works, mainly because the populace is so doped up on mercury poisoning from the multi-dose flu shots that they can’t even remember what happened from one fake pandemic to the next.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from NaturalNews.com)

Over 150 million Americans are fully convinced that every virus the media promotes is like the black plague, and that the human immune system is so weak, from birth to death, that we must ALL get every vaccine for every fake pandemic, or we will all die young. So let’s take an inside look at the real impact of those darned plagues that have totally besieged America for the past dozen or more years, nearly wiping us all off the face of the Earth (not even close).

You see, the real Black Plague, also known as the Bubonic Plague or “Black Death,” killed off some 25 million people in the 1600s. It set the precedent for all the scare tactics and fear mongering used today for any virus the CDC chooses to propagate in the news. Yet, the Black Plague still rears its ugly head all around the world, including in the USA, so where’s all the hype for that? Well, antibiotics quell it, just like vitamin D and zinc beat back Covid, but nobody is allowed to speak of natural remedies in America, or you get “Trumped.”

The not-so-scary measles ‘plague’

Most kids don’t die from the measles, but rather from pneumonia or severe diarrhea, but just like with Covid, the doctors and hospitals are paid (and usually required by the CDC) to label every pneumonia death as death by the virus instead, for vaccine promotional purposes. About 1 in 4 people who get a bad case of the measles need to be hospitalized, and maybe 1 in 1,000 of those will die; however, reports from back in the late 1950s and early 1960s reveal that measles was considered a “mild infection.”

Now, anyone who dares even say the word measles is said to be speaking of one of the world’s most deadly diseases that could easily wipe out the entire human race. Why? It’s the only way to sell everybody on dirty vaccines. That’s when the narrative is regurgitated by all the vaccinated that the unvaccinated are putting the entire human race at risk.

You better get that MMR vaccine, or else face the consequences of being responsible for spreading the black plague at places like a Disney Park, or something like that (recalling February of 2015). First they call it an ‘outbreak.’ Then it magically transforms into an epidemic. Then it graduates quickly to the ranks of pandemic, if they can’t seem to sell enough sheeple on getting vaccinated. The mass media always plasters a few pictures of some dead and maimed children on the TV screens and internet shill sites for all to gasp at in horror. Such emotional times for Americans. Shall we all start vaccinating for the common cold? Oh wait, that’s SARS.

Swine Flu is next on the chopping block

It is estimated that the mortality rate from swine flu ranges from .03 percent of the world’s population on up to about 1 percent; however, many of those folks died of respiratory complications associated with the virus infection, (think pneumonia and MRSA) just like the actual death statistics from Covid now. Those statistics can be applied ranging from the 1918 H1N1 pandemic, to the 1968 H3N2 pandemic, and right then again for the 2009 flu pandemic. The 2009 pandemic was less severe, with death tolls closer to the lower end of that spectrum. Still, the CDC pushed fear across all networks, and right on cue, the masses got vaccinated.

The swine flu vaccine contains deadly thimerosal, which is about 50 percent mercury. The toxic jab also contains formaldehyde, the highly toxic fluid used to embalm the dead. The number of deaths caused by mercury in vaccines has never been documented, but could easily be well over one percent of those injected with it. Countless others suffer from autism and central nervous system disorders due to mercury accumulation in the brain.

Zika virus dangers were way overblown and mostly fictional

First off, there is no shrunken-baby-head side effect from Zika virus. All of those babies were born with birth defects because their mothers drank pesticide-laden water near where the first outbreak happened, in Brazil. So get that out of your head now and for good. That entire scare campaign was straight-up manufactured by the CDC and the media. In fact, the Zika virus disease is generally mild, and hospitalization and deaths are quite uncommon. Most cases have zero symptoms, or just some mild ones that resemble dengue fever, like headache, fever, joint pain, rash and red eyes. It lasts less than a week and then it’s gone like the wind.

Seasonal influenza quite similar to Covid

Most people who get the flu recover in less than 10 days, except for people battling cancer, diabetes, obesity, or ‘old age’ (meaning they’re on dozens of debilitating prescription medications and have been for years). About 45 million people catch the flu each year, and about 60,000 will die from complications that develop. How many actually die from the flu itself, we’ll never know, just like Covid, but the numbers just aren’t justified for lockdowns, masks, social distances, shuttered businesses and the removal of constitutional rights. So what makes Covid any different? That’s just it. It’s not.

Covid-19 is just another flu… but with a thousand times the propaganda

Just how many people have died in the last 18 months from the flu or pneumonia, but were chalked up as dying from Covid? How many people committed suicide or were murdered, but then blood-tested for Covid, tested positive (or not), and were also slated as Covid as the cause of death? Doctors and nurses across America have already blown the whistle on the CDC awarding funds to hospitals for every Covid death they document, so just how blown out are the real death numbers?

About 180,000 people died back in the 2017-2018 flu season from the flu, pneumonia, or complications of pneumonia. Tough year, huh? Do you remember the lockdowns, the masks, and the social distancing? The CDC sure did sell us all on that mercury-laced flu shot, but they didn’t need all this China virus fanfare, now did they. So what changed? The election, that’s what changed. It was all about ousting Trump and installing communism. That’s why you still have to wear your mask even after being fully vaccinated. Get it?

There are no more ‘co-morbidities’ anymore, only Covid. Have you noticed nobody has the flu anymore? It’s just Covid. You die with Covid in your blood, it doesn’t matter what killed you, because you died of Covid. Period. Now the vaccinated are about to wonder why they’re all going mad, and they can simply look to the science of prion-creating mRNA vaccines. If you haven’t seen George Orwell’s 1984, now is the time.

Plagues and plandemics. They’re all just mind games to sell dirty vaccines, until the mercury and the prions take over. Tune your internet frequency to ChemicalViolence.com for updates on how vaccines ARE the pandemic.

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