Unexplained Behavior of Sheep Standing in Concentric Circles

Recently, there have been many unusual facts about the behavior of fish, insects and animals that move in circles. But what happened in England is something new.

Christopher Hogg from the village of Rottingdeen in East Sussex, UK, was cycling when he saw sheep gathered together.

A 47-year-old man says: “April 10th. It was my usual day, I drove up a hill and saw this clear circle in the distance. To be honest, I thought at first that a UFO had landed on the field. ”

“At that moment, I was about a kilometer from that place. I could not figure out what it was. A huge circle with concentric circles inside it. It looked like an alien ship.”

“I drove a little closer and realized that the circle was made of sheep. Rather, this circle was created by the sheep themselves. A large flock of sheep lined up in concentric circles. very clear, I would say – the ideal shape of the circles. ”

Christopher, a professor at Royal Holloway University, drives by this place every day and has seen a flock of sheep here before, but has never seen a sheep behave this way before.

“Sheep are usually noisy. When I drove by before, they always bleated, ran hither and thither, in a disorderly mass. But on this day, when I approached them, there was complete silence. The sheep made no sound. They seemed to be in some kind of trance. It was really creepy. “

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