The Center for Public Integrity pays a “journalist” to harass and terrorize family members of vaccine skeptics, all while claiming to protect the “public trust”

(Planet Today) As Natural News exclusively reported yesterday, a non-profit front group for global genocide against humanity — The Center for Public Integrity — has hired a “journalist” to terrorize family members and relatives of vaccine skeptics as part of a program to silence all vaccine critics.

(Article by Mike Adams republished from

A reporter there named Liz Essley Whyte trolled through online records to try to identify people who might be related to Ty and Charlene Bollinger, founders of The Truth About Vaccines and pro-Trump, pro-America patriots who dare to ask questions about vaccine safety vs. efficacy.

In emails acquired by Natural News and shown here, Liz Essley Whyte was tracking down and targeting relatives of the Bollingers for “dirt” on their finances, and she offered to protect the identity of any relatives or family members who would offer up some dirt on “background.” These are the kind of tactics reminiscent of Pravda in the Soviet Union, and they smack of psychological intimidation carried out on the orders of authoritarian regimes.

Yet this is apparently acceptable today in the world of left-wing “journalism,” which has now become nothing more than an extension of the totalitarian state and its anti-human agenda. As I explained yesterday:

The Center for Public Integrity feeds its journo-terrorism stories to NPR, Mother Jones, Daily Beast, AP, WashPost, NYT and USA Today, among other deliberately dishonest propaganda outlets that function as overt shills for the CIA and Big Pharma.

What we are witnessing here is the complete abandonment of any last shred of journalistic integrity by the corporate-controlled, pharma-influenced left-wing media. Ironically, this journo-terrorism campaign is being conducted under the banner of “public integrity,” even when the collaborators who work for this disgusting front group obviously have zero integrity at all.

The Center for Public Integrity was founded on DuPont money and now takes funding from globalist agenda pushers like the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller groups

It didn’t take much digging to learn that The Center for Public Integrity was founded with large donations from DuPont, one of the most evil corporations in the world when it comes to environmental crimes and the harming of innocent women and children through chemical violence. Perhaps only Monsanto has a more evil track record than DuPont, but they’re in the same league when it comes to crimes against humanity and crimes against the environment. Source:

More recently, The Center for Public Integrity takes money from a who’s who list of anti-human, global depopulation promoters:

  • The Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • The Ford Foundation
  • The Carnegie Corporation
  • The Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation
  • Knight Foundation

The Board of Director for The Center for Public Integrity includes the following (via Sourcewatch): Bill Buzenberg, Molly Bingham , Charles Eisendrath, Dan A. Emmett, Bruce A. Finzen , Matthew W. Granade, Arianna Huffington, James A. Kiernan, Steve Kroft, Hendrik-Jan Laseur, ennifer Lee, Susan Loewenberg, Bevis Longstreth, Olivia Ma, Craig Newmark, Gilbert Omenn, Scott Siegler, Marianne Szegedy-Maszak , Matt Thompson.

Do those board members approve of these journo-terrorism tactics? Is this something that James A. Kiernan endorses? Or Richard M. Lobo? He’s billed as “a veteran of NBC, CBS, PBS,” all of which are fake news propaganda outlets that push vaccine violence on innocent women and children around the world.

According to the center’s own reporter Liz Essley Whyte, it is perfectly acceptable for other journalists to intimidate and harass the relatives and family members of all these board members, looking for family-related dirt to publicly report on them. These are the new journalistic “standard” — if you can call them that — now deployed by a non-profit that claims to operate under the banner of “integrity.”

For the record, we do not condone such journo-terrorism tactics, as we have real standards and ethics. Only a depraved, wicked person would stoop to such low tactics. It begs the question: Who gave Liz Whyte the target list in the first place? Were the Bollingers named by one of the center’s donors? Or one of its board members? Who gave Liz Whyte the go-ahead to target family members of the Bollingers?

Ironically, The Center for Public Interest claims its mission as follows:

Our mission is to protect democracy and inspire change using investigative reporting that exposes betrayals of the public trust by powerful interests.

Yet their own journo-terrorism tactics betray the public trust. Is this acceptable to them? And while their slogan claims to “expose betrayals” by “powerful interests,” what they’re actually doing here is attacking the powerless to defame and destroy innocent people who wield no real power.

In other words, The Center for Public Interest appears to be a fraud, and they are defrauding their own donors by failing to carry out their mission as promised.

Hear the full podcast to learn more

In today’s Situation Update podcast, I expose the journo-terrorism insanity of Liz Essley Whyte and The Center for Public Integrity, whose board members include Gilbert S. Omenn, director of Population Services International, a globalist depopulation front that promotes abortion and infertility interventions. – that distributes “DIY abortion kits” to women in India. (More on that in a follow-up story.)

As published on

In a program description of one of its projects in India, PSI explained very plainly how it is distributing “safe abortion kits” to young women.

PSI is even procuring and providing impoverished areas with manual vacuum aspersion equipment. PSI claims that it is for post-abortion care, but the truth is, these devices can be and are used for abortions themselves.

PSI’s website for India lists condoms, oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, intrauterine devices, and “safe” abortion kits among its “products.”

The Center for Public Integrity is steeped in anti-human, globalist depopulation influences

The bottom line is that The Center for Public Integrity is a non-profit front group pushing global depopulation and anti-human agendas, including the mass vaccination programs that are already killing hundreds of thousands of people in India since the vaccines began there. Notice that the new wave of covid “cases” only began to surge after covid vaccinations were introduced:

Achieving global depopulation and the total destruction of human civilization requires, of course, the silencing of people who tell the truth about vaccines. Hence the malicious targeting of the relatives of Ty and Charlene Bollinger. Journo-terrorists like Liz Whyte are recruited to terrorize and destroy families as a way to silence those who dare to teach people the truth about vaccine dangers and vaccine deaths.

This is all covered in today’s Situation Update podcast, which dares to call out the evil agendas of anti-human globalists and depopulation pushers who are celebrating covid vaccines because they are genocidal euthanasia shots.

How to contact The Center for Public Integrity or journo-terrorism reporter Liz Essley Whyte

If you’d like to let The Center for Public Integrity know what you think of their journo-terrorism tactics and anti-human depopulation agendas, you can reach them via their contact page:

General editorial inquiries: 202-466-1300
[email protected]
[email protected], media inquiries at 202-481-1205

If you contact this anti-human depopulation front group that pushes deadly vaccine propaganda, do not use threatening language or make threats of any kind. Why? Because we have truth and ethics on our side. We don’t use their tactics. Only evil front groups and evil “reporters” resort to such intimidation tactics.

If you wish to reach Liz Essley Whyte directly, she has shared her contact information with relatives of the Bollingers, and she would love to hear from you, apparently:

[email protected]
Office: 202-481-1235

Be polite if you contact her, but let her know that what she’s doing is utterly unacceptable in any free society.

As I wrote yesterday:

The Center for Public Integrity is nothing more than a Pravda-like smear machine taking orders from the vaccine industry to attack the powerless, smear truth-tellers and silence anyone opposed to the Big Pharma vaccine depopulation experiment that’s now being conducted on humanity.

Every genocidal holocaust needs propagandists to help push the lies that lead to mass death, and in 2021, that propagandist appears to be Liz Essley Whyte.

We specifically request that if you contact her, do not threaten or harass her in any way, as we have truth and ethics on our side, so we don’t resort to such tactics used by the medical mafia media like NBC News, Mother Jones and The Center for Public Integrity. The very reason they lie and smear and deceive is because they don’t have the truth on their side.

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