Scientific discoveries point to the existence of a “great programmer” – God who created the universe

Scientists have discovered that we live in a kind of “Goldilocks universe.” Physicists determined that the fundamental physical laws and parameters of our universe were fine-tuned so that our universe could have life.

Even small changes in the values ​​of many independent factors, such as the force of gravitational and electromagnetic attraction, the masses of elementary particles and the initial location of matter and energy in the Universe, would make life impossible.

Unsurprisingly, many physicists have concluded that this incredible fine-tuning for life indicates a cosmic “fine-tuning”:

“An informed interpretation of the data suggests that some superintelligence did a good job of making life possible.”

In addition, discoveries in molecular biology have highlighted the existence of a digital code at the heart of life, suggesting the work of a master programmer.

The chemical constituents of DNA function like letters in a written language or numeric symbols in computer code.

A functioning computer code depends on the exact sequence of ones and zeros. Likewise, the ability of a DNA molecule to direct the assembly of essential protein molecules in cells depends on the specific arrangement of chemical constituents called “bases” along the spine of its double helical structure.

Thus, “the machine code of genes is supernaturally similar to the computer code.” and “DNA is like a computer program, but much, much more advanced than any software we’ve ever created.”

No theory of undirected chemical evolution has explained the origin of the information in DNA (or RNA) needed to create the first living cell from simpler, non-living chemicals. On the contrary, our uniform and repetitive experience – the basis of all scientific reasoning – shows that systems with functional or digital information invariably arise for reasonable reasons.

We know from experience that software is created by programmers. As a rule, we know that information – written in hieroglyphs, written in a book, or encoded in radio signals – always comes from an intelligent source.

Thus, the discovery of information – and a complex system for transmitting and processing information – in every living cell provides strong evidence that the mind played a role in the origin of life – “information usually arises from conscious activity.”

The idea that God created the universe is a more respectable hypothesis today than it has ever been in the past 100 years, scientists conclude.