Rat plague in the UK: an 80% increase in rodent activity

Due to anti-coronavirus isolation measures, people left the streets of cities and their place was quickly taken by huge rats. A rat war has broken out on the streets of Britain, with offices and restaurants closed for most of the year, and rat populations have skyrocketed in residential areas.

And some of the rodents caught are huge. Speaking during a Channel 4 special on the situation, reporter Minnie Stevenson said, “It is 6:00 am in Hounslow, North London, in a strip of kebab shops – the forefront of rodent control.

“Michael Coates is a retired military man and he calls it ‘the war on pests. The year due to quarantine led to the invasion of rats on our homes and in our cities. ”

“British Pest Control Association reports 80% increase in rat activity.”

“When we introduced a general quarantine, the rats had nothing to eat and they moved to our homes and gardens.”

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