(Planet Today) Big Pharma is America’s new mafia whose chemical warfare on humanity dwarfs the number of victims killed by all the world wars and acts of terrorism combined. While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions. It makes you wonder if Pharmageddon is upon us with the next set of mandatory vaccinations planned by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the profit of drug companies.

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Over 70% of Americans are on some form of pharmaceutical drug that often brings negative side-effects, including death. Iatrogenic death, or “death by doctor”, is considered the third leading cause of death in America, conservatively speaking. Some experts interpret the data to read iatrogenic death as the number one cause of death, and they have a great deal of evidence to back up the claim. These statistics suggest that we should change the name “health industry” to “illness industry.”

Conservative estimates suggest that America spends about 20% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on health costs, about $3.35 trillion this year, which works out to $10,345 for every man, woman and child. Hospitals account for about 32%, doctors for 20%, and prescription drugs 10%. Spending on prescription drugs in the U.S. rose to a record $425 billion in 2016.

The vaccine business alone is currently a $30 billion per year industry and the World Health Organization has urged increased vaccines, projecting that it will become a $100 billion per year industry by 2025. (See Global Vaccine Markets Features and Trends in stunning report.)

It is evident that the federal CDC and their business partners need the public to “be okay” with the current 69 doses of recommended childhood vaccines, plus adherence for an additional 100 plus doses of vaccines recommended by the CDC’s new adult schedule. Folks, they want us to inject our families with the additional 271 vaccines that are in the development pipeline. But nowhere on the CDC’s web site can you find a disclosure that the agency is a for-profit partner with the vaccine makers for whom it is supposed to be providing federal safety oversight.

There are 57 granted U.S. patents with the CDC listed as an assignee. Some of the vaccine patents include: Flu, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, HIV, Anthrax, Rabies, Dengue fever, West Nile virus, Group A Strep, Pneumococcal disease, Meningococcal disease, RSV, Gastroenteritis, Japanese encephalitis, SARS, Rift Valley Fever, and chlamydophila pneumoniae, flavivirus infection, human rhinovirus, adjuvants, Canarypox virus, Fowlpox virus, Sealpox virus, and dog flu.



Big Pharma is the moniker given to the world’s vast and influential pharmaceutical industry and its trade group, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America or PhRMA. These powerful companies make hundreds of billions of dollars every year by selling drugs and medical devices. More than 20% of America’s GDP is related to the health industry. In the U.S., the industry contributes heavily to the annual budget of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is charged with regulating drugs and devices made by those same companies. The industry boldly demonstrates its power, political might, and social influence over the nation’s governments and agencies, its health care systems, its doctors and hospitals, as well as the psyche of the American people.

The global market for pharmaceuticals topped $1 trillion in sales in 2014. The world’s 10 largest drug companies generated $429.4 billion of that revenue. Five of the top 10 companies are headquartered in the U.S. are Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbot Laboratories, Merck, and Eli Lilly.

With the help of staggering profits and 1,100-plus paid lobbyists, the industry has gained powerful leverage on Capitol Hill. From 1998 to 2014, Big Pharma spent nearly $2.9 billion on lobbying expenses — more than any other industry. The industry also doled out more than $15 million in campaign contributions from 2013-14. But the large amount of cash Big Pharma bestows on government representatives and regulatory bodies is small when compared with the billions it spends each year on direct-to-consumer advertising. The U.S. is one of only two countries in the world whose governments allow prescription drugs to be advertised on TV. A single manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim, spent $464 million advertising its blood thinner Pradaxa in 2011. The following year, the drug passed the $1 billion sales mark.

Big Pharma tends to weaken the objectivity of even the most honest health professionals while encouraging them to overprescribe medications. Consider the numbers:

  • Advertising instead of research: For every $1 spent on “basic research,” Big Pharma spends $19 on promotions and advertising.
  • Distribution of free drug samples: The U.S. has one pharmaceutical sales representative for every five office-based physicians.
  • Sponsorship of symposiums and medical conventions: Drug and medical device makers spend lavishly on doctors, including covering meals, travel, seminars and conventions that sometimes look more like vacations.

Many medical journals, including the industry standard bearer Journal of the American Medical Association, actively vie for the attention of Big Pharma advertising dollars, billing themselves as the best way for drug companies to reach their professional readership.

The United States, unlike other developed countries, allows pharmaceutical companies to charge whatever they want, if they do not collude with one another in setting the prices. In other words, these companies can charge whatever the market will bear. For example, Solvadi, Gilead’s hepatitis C drug, costs $1,000 for each pill, which amounted to sales of $3.5 billion between April and June of 2015.

Congress, influenced by pharmaceutical lobbyists, has not allowed Medicare to negotiate drug prices, as do most health care systems, HMOs, and some insurance companies. In those countries that negotiate the prices of their national insurance plans with Big Pharma, most drugs sell for much less.

In the November 2015, $150 billion merger of U.S.-based Pfizer and Irish-based Allergen, a move known as an “inversion transaction,” Pfizer gave up its corporate citizenship in the United States so that it could reduce its tax bill by billions. Another effect of mergers is the reduction in the number of competitors, which has led to the doubling or tripling of drug prices and, in some cases, to a 1000% increase in cost. Normally, new drug prices are set only slightly higher than those of rival drugs already on the market, which typically ends up raising the price of the older drug. But if a company has few competitors or merges with its competitor, the resulting lack of, or diminished, competition means that the price of a drug can be whatever the company wants.

Big Pharma is an industry that generates higher profit margins than any other and is no stranger to multi-billion dollar fines for malpractice, collusion, and over-charging–just a cost of doing business. Average profit margins for Big Pharma ranges from 42% to 10% with an average around 20%. Pfizer, the world’s largest drug company, made a 42% profit margin this year. Last year, five pharmaceutical companies made a profit margin of 20% or more – Pfizer, Hoffmann-La Roche, AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Eli Lilly. With some drugs costing upwards of $100,000 for a full course, and with the cost of manufacturing just a tiny fraction of this, it’s not hard to see why profits are so high.


Iatrogenic damage (defined as a state of ill health or adverse effect resulting from medical treatment) is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer. This means that doctors and hospitals are responsible for more deaths each year than cerebrovascular disease, chronic respiratory diseases, accidents, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and pneumonia.

The combined effect of errors and adverse effects that occur because of iatrogenic damage include:

  • 12,000 deaths/year from unnecessary surgery
  • 7,000 deaths/year from medication errors in hospitals
  • 20,000 deaths/year from other errors in hospitals
  • 80,000 deaths/year from nosocomial infections in hospitals
  • 106,000 deaths a year from non-error, adverse effects of medications

From 1976 to 2006, 62 million death certificates were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors. Imagine what those numbers will be for the next three decades 2007-2037! An estimated 450,000 preventable medication-related adverse events occur in the U.S. every year. The costs of adverse drug reactions to society are more than $136 billion annually — greater than the total cost of cardiovascular or diabetic care. Adverse drug reactions cause injuries or death in one of five hospital patients.

In 2009, there were 4.6 million drug-related visits to U.S. emergency rooms nationwide, with more than half due to adverse reactions to prescription medications – most of which were being taken exactly as prescribed. Heroin deaths in America in that year were 12,989. Deaths from synthetic opioids, including illicit fentanyl were 9,580. Abuse of drugs like Oxycontin and Vicodin killed 17,536. These are stats that we could glean from our internet searches. We surmise that these figures will be much higher once newer statistics are released, if they are ever released accurately and promptly.

There is also “iatrogenic poverty” to describe impoverishment induced by medical care. Impoverishment is described for households exposed to catastrophic health expenditures or to hardship financing. In the USA, illness and medical debt causes half of the personal bankruptcy.

It is estimated that 400,000 unnecessary deaths happen in American hospitals annually. It is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Some studies show that about 1.14 million patient-safety incidents occurred among the 37 million hospitalizations in the Medicare population alone over a two-year period. But after all these iatrogenic events, less than 20,000 malpractice suits are brought against doctors each year.


The main cause of a cascade of injury in iatrogenic medicine is by misdiagnosis and medical error. From medical error flows a cascade of effects and results often including pain, disability, loss of job, poverty and homelessness which obviously cause mental health problems and may cause death. In medicine, a cascade effect may also refer to a chain of events initiated by an unnecessary test, an unexpected result, or patient or physician anxiety, which results in ill-advised tests or treatments that may cause harm to patients as the results are pursued.

  • Adverse reactions in hospitals to prescribed drugs is conservatively estimated to be 2.2 million per year.
  • The number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections is 20 million per year.
  • The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is 7.5 million per year.
  • The number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is 8.9 million per year.
  • The total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is estimated by some to be 783,936 per year.
Skull and cross bones with medical icons

If these estimates are true, the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the U.S. By contrast, the number of deaths attributable to heart disease annually is estimated at 699,697, while the number of deaths attributable to cancer is estimated at 553,250. The cost per year for treating avoidable doctor induced injuries is estimated to be over $282 billion per year.


American vaccination programs are out of control. The rise in the number of vaccines administered to American children in their first five years makes America the leader in the number of immunizations administered to children. The CDC Childhood Immunization schedule skyrocketed from 11 injections in 1983 to 36 or more injections as of 2015. Recently, California Governor Jerry Brown signed bill SB277 into law, which took effect July 1, 2016. The law is “one of the most far-reaching vaccination laws in the nation which barred religious and other personal-belief exemptions for schoolchildren, thus taking away America civil rights.






Such a harmful and unconstitutional law is like declaring Marshal Law over the American bloodstream.

Critical reports are showing that the commonly-accepted procedure of administering vaccines to children in their infancy dramatically increases risk to their systems. Corresponding to this rise in the number of vaccines was a precipitous rise in allergies, autoimmune disease, asthma, and autism. Autism affected a scant 1 in 10,000 children in 1982, where now 1 in 88 children born in the U.S. is diagnosed with autism.


The connection to autism has already been repeatedly established, and there are many other conditions caused by vaccines. Permanent paralysis (Guillain Barré syndrome) is surprisingly common as a side-effect of the flu vaccine. Vaccines are said to prevent certain diseases. However, the chance of contracting these diseases is incredibly remote, and the iatrogenic side-effects from vaccines are so common that overall vaccines cause much more harm than good. In some cases, vaccines infect patients with the very diseases that they were meant to offer protection from, because they utilize live viral strains.

The following substances are found in one or more “mandatory” vaccines given to children during the most sensitive years of their life. Mercury alone causes enough side-effects that it should be simple to understand that all vaccines should be optional or simply banned altogether. The list below contains deadly poisons, carcinogens and other unassimilable substances found in vaccines:

Aborted baby fetus tissue, human albumin, formaldehyde, mercury, antifreeze, aluminum, 2-phenoxyethanol, phenol, methanol, borax , glutaraldehyde, monosodium glutamate , sulfate and phosphate compound, ammonium sulfate, gentamicin sulfate, neomycin sulfate, tributylphosphate, polymyxin B, polysorbate 20/80, sorbitol , polyribosylribitol, beta-propiolactone, amphotericin B, animal organ tissue and blood, large foreign proteins, latex, animal viruses, human viruses, mycoplasma, genetically engineered yeast, and foreign DNA, among others.

Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and someone working on the national immunization program came forward and said:


He not only said it, he made available all the documents, emails, transcripts, data outputs, databases, draft papers, original analysis plans, and exchanges with his colleagues where he had tried repeatedly to bring this to their attention. The CDC had concealed the data systematically and they revoked Wakefield’s license to practice medicine and denied that vaccines cause autism.

Countries in Europe that adhere to a less elaborate childhood vaccination program than the U.S. are experiencing much lower rates of autism. According to, the data shows a direct correlation between the number of vaccines called for in a countries immunization program and the incidence of autism in that countries’ population.


The toxic Hepatitis B vaccine is administered to babies at a day old regardless of their mother’s Hep B status. Hep B is a blood-born pathogen that a child not living with a Hep B-positive person would have little risk of contracting. Despite this, it is the stated objective of the Center for Disease Control to vaccinate all American children regardless of their risk just hours after birth.


Every day, people in the United States are being injured and killed by vaccines, and those numbers are increasing. This is a fact that is not in dispute, as the Department of Justice quarterly report on vaccine injuries and deaths clearly demonstrates. And yet, the government’s official public statement about vaccines is that they are safe and effective, and should be mandated for all people. Any opinion or presentation of facts to contradict their position is vigorously suppressed and censored in the mainstream media all in the name of “public health.”

From the study entitled: Mortality Rates and Cause-of-death Patterns in a Vaccinated Population, by McCarthy et. al., we find that analyses conducted in 2012 from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) data tell us that among 13,033,274 vaccinated people, 15,455 deaths occurred between 0 and 60 days following vaccination. The mortality rate within 60 days of a vaccination visit was 442.5 deaths per 100,000.

There is a vaccine court known as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). This program was started because of a law passed in 1986 that gave pharmaceutical companies total legal immunity from being sued due to injuries and deaths resulting from vaccines. If you or a family member is injured or dies from vaccines, you must now sue the federal government in this special vaccine court. Many cases are litigated for years before a settlement is reached.

In the period from February 16, 2016 to May 15, 2016 there were 206 cases adjudicated in which 85 cases settled were for injuries and deaths due to the flu vaccine, making the flu vaccine the most dangerous vaccine in the U.S., harming and killing more people than all the other vaccines put together.

The flu vaccine is basically an experimental vaccine that the CDC and Big Pharma want to give out to 300 million Americans every year. There are no studies showing the safety of giving the flu vaccine. The CDC is in the business of distributing flu vaccines, because they represent 300 million doses per year, whereas all the childhood vaccines together number 20 million – more than ten times the profit. Another lesson in finding truth by following the money!

With most of the settlements being cases of harm caused by the flu vaccine, Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) is the most common injury suffered from the flu shot. GBS is a debilitating disease that attacks a person’s own immune system and damages the nerve cells, causing muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. GBS is also listed as a side effect of the flu shot in the package insert.

When the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund was set up in 1988, autism was the most prevalent vaccine injury brought before the vaccine court, mostly from the MMR vaccine. This trust fund is funded through taxes the public pays on vaccines. The fund didn’t have sufficient money to pay out to the 13,330 cases of autism that were pending. So, the Omnibus Autism Proceedings were conducted and it was determined that autism is not caused by vaccines; accordingly, the fund no longer paid damages for the hundreds of thousands of children suffering with autism caused by the MMR vaccines. Only 2,409 autism cases were compensated.


On February 22, 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court shielded drug companies from all liability for harm caused by vaccines mandated by government. (Russell Bruesewitz et al v. Wyeth et al. No. 09-152. Argued October 12, 2010). Six Supreme Court judges created the liability safety net for the U.S. mass vaccination system and wrote Big Pharma a blank check by deliberately ignoring the language and legislative history of the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act. Thus, from that moment on, drug companies selling vaccines in America were not held accountable in a court of law. If you get paralyzed by a flu shot or your child has a serious reaction to a vaccine required for school and becomes learning disabled, epileptic, autistic, asthmatic, diabetic or mentally retarded, you are on your own.

Three decades ago, government officials were ordering doctors to give children 23 doses of 7 vaccines. Today, that direct order is up to 70 doses of 16 vaccines. But now, the Supreme Court has given Pharma and doctors permission to lobby legislators to require every American, who lives to be 78 years old, to get more than 130 doses of government recommended vaccines starting on the day of birth through the last year of life.

In 1982, four of the largest drugs companies, Merck, Wyeth, Lederle, and Connaught blackmailed Congress by threatening to stop selling vaccines in America unless a law was passed giving them complete immunity from prosecution. The pharmaceutical industry knew they were in trouble because the old, crude whooping cough vaccine in the DPT shot was causing brain inflammation and death, and the live oral polio vaccine was crippling children and adults with vaccine strain polio which caused many Americans to file lawsuits.

In 1988, after great lobbying the following law was passed, 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22 – Standards of Responsibility was passed, which states: (1) No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.

Vaccines should not be legally required, especially when doctors cannot predict ahead of time who will be harmed by a vaccine and there is no civil liability for the company selling it, the person giving it or the government official mandating it.


The Obama administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) created a program to track Americans’ vaccination records, wage a massive propaganda campaign to “encourage” more inoculations, and foist more controversial vaccines on adults against their will. Critics of the unconstitutional scheme, formally dubbed the “National Adult Immunization Plan(NAIP), say the ultimate goal is to forcibly vaccinate all Americans and move toward a radical new healthcare paradigm in which medical “treatment” is mandatory.

This Obama program violates the human right to protect bodily integrity and autonomy which is the core value of “informed consent.”

KEY POINT: The battle for the bloodstream is not just about being anti-vaccine, it is about freedom, values, beliefs, and what medical risks individuals are willing to accept. Vaccination just happens to be at the forefront of the battle.

Adding more mandatory vaccines for children and adults is an assault on individual liberty, privacy, medical ethics, and the U.S. Constitution. The radical United Nations inspired plan also incorporates eugenic sterilization and uses Obama’s executive authority and the legacy media to foist coercive propaganda that supports fantastic profits for Big Pharma and illness for Americans. The same corporate Pharma-Warlords successfully lobbied the federal government to shield them from liability when their products kill and injure consumers.

Obama’s Executive Order entitled: Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats states that: “It is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1. Policy. As articulated in the National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats and implemented in Presidential Policy Directive 2 (PPD-2), promoting global health security is a core tenet of our national strategy for countering biological threats. No single nation can be prepared if other nations remain unprepared to counter biological threats; therefore, it is the policy of the United States to advance the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), which is a multi-faceted, multi-country initiative intended to accelerate partner countries’ measurable capabilities to achieve specific targets to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats (GHSA targets), whether naturally occurring, deliberate, or accidental.

The roles, responsibilities, and activities described in this order will support the goals of the International Health Regulations (IHR) and will be conducted, as appropriate, in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), and other relevant organizations and stakeholders. To advance the achievement of the GHSA targets and to support the implementation of the IHR within partner countries, each executive department, agency, and office (agency) shall, as appropriate, partner, consult, and coordinate with other governments, international financial institutions, international organizations, regional organizations, economic communities, and nongovernmental stakeholders, including the private sector.”

Translation: Obama put the United Nations in charge of every American’s bloodstream and the UN’s eugenic war against over-population has targeted every American citizen. The United States of America and the U.S. Constitution is overthrown if this relinquishing of U.S. liberties is fully instituted.


The largest drug companies are prepared annually to pay out up to $5 billion in lawsuits for damages (including death) caused by the drugs they produce. These huge pay-outs and possible deaths are simply the price of doing business. Many millions suffer untold injuries and pain due to side-effects that drug companies consider “within the realm of tolerance.” These deaths are already calculated in the overall business model of selling the drug. Below, we list a few of the known criminal activities of Big Pharma that have been taken to court and yet one has gone to jail for their negligence and criminal acts.

Johnson & Johnson ($74 billion) faced more than 1,800 lawsuits over products after patients suffered from organ perforation, mesh erosion or other complications. They settled more than 100 lawsuits for undisclosed amounts, but it has more than 1,000 remaining against it. It also sold faulty hip implants containing metal components that release metal debris into patients, 12,000 patients sued and they set aside $1 billion to cover the recall and hip lawsuits. They also face hundreds of lawsuits involving a blood thinner that causes an inability to control bleeding thus being life-threatening. Hundreds of Xarelto lawsuits are pending. J&J’s Risperdal faces hundreds of lawsuits.

Pfizer ($49.6 billion) faced both criminal and civil allegations over illegal marketing of the drugs Bextra, Geodon, Zyvox, Lyrica, Neurontin, Detrol and Lipitor. Pfizer was accused of telling doctors that certain drugs could be used for unapproved uses and defrauding the Medicaid program. Pfizer paid $2.3 billion settlement. Effexor and Zoloft have had many law suites. Lipitor can lead to irreversible bleeding.

Merck & Co. ($42.2 billion) Vioxx brought scandal to the company, as thousands of users reported instances of cardiac side effects, including fatal outcomes. Tens of thousands of lawsuits targeted Merck and it paid out billions of dollars in settlements. Fosamax, Januvia, NuvaRing, and Propecia resulted in devastating side effects for thousands of consumers who filed lawsuits.

GlaxoSmithKline’s ($37.9 billion) Avandia is linked to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and heart failure. The FDA estimates that the drug is responsible for 100,000 heart attacks causing 50,000 lawsuits so far. Paxil, Wellbutrin and Advair were marketed illegally and paid $3 billion in fines. Paxil is also associated with serious side effects like birth defects and an increased risk of suicide. Zofran causes birth defects and led to a fraud settlement.

AstraZeneca ($26.0 billion) Crestor may cause liver damage and Type 2 diabetes. Onglyza may increase the risk of pancreatitis and heart failure. Farxiga may cause kidney problems, and Nexium was linked to an increase in heart attack risks. The company paid a fine of $520 million to the U.S. Department of Justice for illegally promoting Seroquel and settled thousands of lawsuits involving Seroquel for $647 million.

Bayer ($25.4 billion) has spent over $1 billion settling 4,800 Yaz lawsuits over blood-clot related injuries and has reserved $1.5 billion for settlements. Bayer was charged with intentionally selling a defective product misled consumers by exaggerating the benefits and inadequately warning of its risks. Bayer also faces hundreds of lawsuits claiming its blood thinner Xarelto caused internal bleeding.

Eli Lilly & Co. ($23.1 billion) Prozac is the target of multiple lawsuits that claim it can lead to suicidal thoughts and birth defects if used during pregnancy. Eli Lilly also has helped to market controversial products, including the diabetes drugs Actos, Byetta, Tradjenta, and the SGLT2 inhibitors Jardiance and Glyxambi leading to many law suties.

AbbVie Inc. ($18.8 billion) failed to warn consumers about AndroGel’s heart risks for men, which led to hundreds of lawsuits.

Bristol-Myers Squibb ($15.9 billion) Byetta and Bydureon are linked to pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. Farxiga has been linked to a deadly condition called ketoacidosis and a lawsuit was filed against BMS claiming Eilqiuis caused irreversible bleeding leading to a death.

Boehringer Ingelheim ($15.1 billion) thousands of injuries and more than 500 deaths among Pradaxa users over a two-year period caused patients to file more than 4,000 lawsuits. The company settled allegations regarding Pradaxa’s bleeding risks for $650 million in 2014.

Stryker Orthopaedics ($9.6 billion) hip and knee implants left patients needing costly and traumatic revision surgeries. An estimated 20,000 Americans received one of these devices before they were recalled in 2012. The number of hip lawsuits against Stryker continues to grow. Stryker also marketed knee implants associated with disabling side effects that have all been partially or completely recalled to protect patients.

Boston Scientific ($7.3 billion) defended the first of 6,000 lawsuits filed over health complications with Pinnacle and Obtryx, two of the manufacturer’s mesh products. It settled 3,000 cases for $119 million in 2015.

C.R. Bard ($3.3 Billion) – sold dangerous products such as heart catheters, inferior vena cava (IVC) filters, mesh surgical patches and transvaginal mesh products. Bard lost mesh lawsuits for $5.5 million and $2 million in 2012 and 2013. The company settled more than 500 cases for $21 million in 2014 and an additional 3,000 cases for about $200 million in 2015.

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