Most U.S. youth will survive MASS EXTINCTION EVENT planned by Bill Gates, Marxist Democrats and the CDC

(Planet Today) Mass vaccine centers in the USA are closing as most youth are declining being injected with the highly experimental and proven deadly mRNA jabs, simply not seeing them as needed for a virus no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, with variations and mutations popping up around the world anyway. As more virulent versions and strains of Covid-19 develop and rear their ugly heads in nations around the world, all the current vaccines everyone just got are useless, but that’s not all the bad news for them.

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The Covid-19 vaccine series, embedded with gene-instructing mRNA, tells the human body it’s ok to create synthetic proteins and prions that can promote cancer, dementia, severe CNS disorders and blood clots in the brain. Hence, there’s a mass extinction event coming soon, that Bill Gates himself talked about at TED conferences around the world, where he facilitates the reduction of the world’s population by several billion humans by doing a “really great job on new vaccines and healthcare…” were his words.

Embedded video below shows Bill Gates at a TED Conference admitting he will use vaccines to kill off billions of people:

Mass extinction event planned by Bill Gates, the CDC and the CCP will miss most youth and natural health enthusiasts who deny the mRNA jabs

Half of all Americans may not survive the next rounds of a morphed Covid-19 virus, versions that are created in laboratories to be more aggressive, while the vaccinated sheeple’s bodies now create proteins that attract the new deadly diseases, enabling them to better take over the human body. Meanwhile, there are tens of millions of young Americans, who don’t know the science behind dirty vaccines, but are all smart enough to realize they don’t need vaccines for the Chinese Flu (or Swine, Influenza, Zika, etc.).

They will all be considering themselves very lucky when the mass extinction event takes place, but they won’t know or understand exactly why the vaccinated are dying off so quickly. Many vaccine victims will go insane from the prions that mRNA instructs the body to create, without any control mechanisms to stop them.

The CDC has administered over 200 million jabs into 150 million naïve Americans. These patients are soon to become REINFECTED with mutant strains of Covid-19 while suffering from dementia, cancer and blood clots. Meanwhile, unused doses of mRNA mutant vaccines are piling up by the millions in US states as most people under 25 years of age just say no way. These teenagers and young adults will survive the genocidal “cleansing” planned by the globalists, Marxists, CDC and CCP.

Vaccination site closures crippling Marxist plan to destroy America and kill off most citizens

Vaccination site closures are a major thorn in the side of the Marxist mass kill-off plan. Though centers in California and New York are thriving, jab centers in Florida have been operating at 50% capacity as of late. Sites in Georgia and North Carolina will be completely shut down by the end of May.

Medical violence (the entire vaccine industry) is losing momentum in Texas also, as they’ve halted vaccine deliveries in several major counties like Galveston and Williamson. Vaccine appointments are few and far between. Word is getting out fast about all the side effects and absolute ineffectiveness of the vaccines. Not one single manufacturer of a Covid vaccine has proven any safety or effectiveness yet. Think about that for a minute.

More vaccine site closings are expected in Idaho, Missouri, Maine, Maryland, and Alabama. Plus, millions of New Yorkers are being vaccinated at the American Museum of Natural History, where they will serendipitously soon be part of that natural history, maybe stuffed by taxidermists and displayed like memories of the plandemic — mannikins for all to memorialize.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on the Covid-19 Plandemic as it develops into a more severe biological war waged by Democrats on all Americans.

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